Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


4. Have a nice trip

I wake up, my head pounding, and I'm not sure where I am. The worst part is when I go to sip up, I fell everything in my stomach, starting to follow once more. I climb out the bed, and scamper out of the room, there's a door opened and I hope it's the bathroom. I run in and pinpoint the toilet, the poor thing hand no idea what hit it. Once I'm finished with...anyways I brush my teeth using the only available brush I have—my finger—and use some mouth wash. "Sure you can you use my hygiene products on your mouth." I hear a chuckle come from the doorway. I spin towards the voice, and that makes my stomach churn. I bite my lip as I go back to the toilet and throw up again. "Damn, this hangover is hitting you hard." Louis says, as he sits next to me and pulls my hair from around my face. My body lurches forward and I groan.

"This is the worst..." I pause as more comes up, "hangover I've ever had." I plop down on to the floor, my butt taking the landing nicely. I laugh, it's not a real laugh, but a sarcastic and pained one. "God, I am so charming." I sigh, hiding my face behind my hair, that Louis let go of when I fell backwards. He chuckles before handing me the mouthwash and toothpaste. He sits back down his legs crossed, while mine are pulled against my chest. "Extra toothbrush?" He nods standing back up, he gets a toothbrush, unwraps it, wets it and gives it back to me. "Thanks."

"You were charming last night." He laughs, his light, beautiful, real laugh. I blush, scrubbing away the disgusting vomit particals. "You were saying something about a lost microphone and walmart." His eyes sadden like he's thinking about something else, that makes him upset. I lift the toilet kid and spit. I quickly do mouth was and stand up. I shut the kid again and flush.

"What's wrong?" I wave my toothbrush unsure of what to do with it. Louis flinches back, banging his head off the wall lightly, it takes me a moment to realize I just flung spit at him. "Oops, sorry." I laugh, placing the toothbrush in a cup, where his is.

"Not okay, I'll get you back." He stands up, scarring me with his threat, I run out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. I don't hear him, as I back towards the other door. I hear something, and next thin I know arms are around my waist. "You fool." Louis whispers huskily into my ear, I shiver and squirm, trying to break his hold. "Trying to escape will only make things worse." He chuckles pulling me into his living room, and tossing me onto the couch, he sits on me and starts to tickle me.

"Oh my God...knock it off Louis! Louis stop it!" I scream out in between giggles. "LOOOUUUIIIIIIS, STOP IT!" I scream again, running out of air, and the next I know Harry is pulling Louis off of me, ruining the moment. "Harry? What're you doing?" I ask him, as I rush to help Louis up.

"I...I thought, he was hurting you or something. Are you alright?" Harry asks his face red, he never seems to have a handle on his temper. I give Harry a light smile as I check Louis for any cuts, Louis grabs me lightly by the arms and shoves me lightly so I'm looking at him. He smiles at me, and I smile back.

"I'm fine Harry, I was just hanging out with Louis." I tell him, he gives me a questioning look, it basically says 'why would you do that?' He tenses too, like the thought of Louis gives him a irritable day.  I fix my shirt and flip my hair out of my face, I hold my arms out to Harry, and he smiles and gives me a hug.  My toes come off the floor, and I can't help, but compare how much better Louis smells.  Harry has some of the best hugs, for such a jerk, he just makes you feel comfortable and safe and it works.  I pull out of the hug, "So why are you here?"  I ask him, realizing Louis has left the room, making me feel guilty for some reason. 

"I've been texting and calling you all morning, I got worried."  He tells me, that's when I realize I have no idea where my phone is.  I give Harry, the one moment gesture and go to find Louis.  He is sitting on the bed, where I slept last night.  He has his head in his hands, like he's done something wrong. 

"Hey, you alright?"  I ask him, sitting next to him on the bed, and I spot my phone sitting on the mattress, it lights up with another text message.  He looks up, and adjusts the thick bracelet that I always wear.  I smile, it's a thick real leather bracelet, with a smooth wooden circle with an eagle carved in the circle.  I never take it off, along with my Moonglow necklace.  It's a necklace that is the moon you are born on, and it glows in the dark.  The bracelet is a bracelet my dad got me when he was on one of his tours, in the army.  My mom bought me the necklace from the fair when I was seven.  I love bot, but the bracelet means more, since my father passed away a few months after he gave me the bracelet. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, you should go."  He says standing up and handing me my phone.  Just then my mom calls, and I answer it.

"Hi, mom, what's up?"  I fall backwards on the bed, out of habit of being on the phone.

"Oh, sweetie, I've been trying to get ahold of you all morning.  I was wondering when you were going to be able to come back and visit."  She sounds tired, and upset.  My mom only has me since my father passed on, and I try to visit her as much as possible, but it's hard to do.

"Um...I guess I could come visit for the weekend, I'd have to skip a few lectures to be there."  I check the time on m phone, it takes four hours to drive there and another four to get back, that's without traffic. "I have late classes on Fridays, so I'll go to my first one and then I'll leave so I will get home around...eleven tonight." I hear a sigh of relief come from her end of the call.

"Okay, that sounds great.  Tell Zayn I say hi, and tell Perrie the same. I love you darling." 

"Love ya too mom."  I hang up and jump off the bed, "Well thanks, for the get away car last night, and a place to stay.  I really got to go now."  I give Louis a hug, I swear it just happened and it was suppose to be quick, but when his arms wrap around my shoulder I feel so safe.  My arms around his waist and he doesn't let go right away and neither do I.  His chin sets on top of my head and my face is buried in his chest and scent.  I relax,  and a voice clears behind us.  Damn Harry ruined it, again.  Louis and I pull apart.  "Um...Thanks again Louis, I'll see you later."  I smile.

"See ya, Amber, have a nice trip."  I start walking, Harry leaving the room before me.  Louis grabs my wrist and kisses my forehead.  "Good-bye Beautiful."  I smile brightly and leave his apartment. 


I yawn as I pull into my mother's driveway, but when I open the door I know the drive was worth it.  My mother is sitting on a stool in the kitchen, in a silk robe, and pajama pants.  She turns to see me, and gives me a giant smile.  "Oh Sweetie, I've missed you, I made your favorite brownies."  She pulls me into a hug, we're the same height, so neither of us are towering over the other.  I know this sounds cheesy and childish, but no one's hugs are better than my mom's.  Not even Louis's hug. I guess, a mother's love and hugs cannot be beat.  She pulls back and hands me a plate with a chocolate brownie, with chocolate frosting and whipped cream, along with a glass of milk. 

"I missed you too mom."  I sit down at the island with her and we eat our brownies.  We stay  up past midnight chatting about motherly and daughterly stuff, and it's nice and light.  This weekend will be refreshing.

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