Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


11. Date Rule

"It hurts." I say throwing Louis a towel for the spilled juice. He laughs wiping the juice up. "Okay do you have any secrets for the pain? I mean we went on a date, so you owe me a secret." I joke, but Louis' eyes glimmer with mischief.


"Then you'll owe me one, so I propose a rule. We'll call it the Date Rule, instead of doing that whole boring tell me about yourself thing, after each date we'll share a secret or a fact about ourselves; to keep the mystery alive." He comes next to me and holds out his hand, I shake it with a smile on my face. He doesn't let go instead he drags me to his freezer and grabs a few packs of frozen chicken and a clean towel. He pulls me to the living room and makes me lay on the couch. "Pull up you shirt and take the bandage off." Once I've done what he said, he lays the towel down and places the bags of chicken on top. "It helps with swelling and pain."


"Thanks, it feels good, I'm not going to lie." He laughs and picks my feet up and sits placing my feet on his lap. "Okay, well since yours was a key to less tattoo pain, I'll give you a key to handling me on my period, because that's a pain in the ass. Chinese food, chocolate, pizza, and Mean Girls, and lots and lots of books and Grey's Anatomy." We both laugh.




"So what happened last night?" Perrie asks in our dorm. She's sitting on her bed and I'm on mine. In the middle of the room sits two baskets, inside the baskets is a box of blue hair dye and dark red hair dye. We are throwing dirty laundry in the baskets with our eyes closed, which ever basket has the most clothes in it, we dye Perrie's hair that color tonight. Great process, I know.


I open my eyes to see the piles of dirty laundry on the floor, only two shorts made it in either basket. I look at Perrie and answer, "I got a tattoo." Her eyes spring open, she jumps off of her bed tripping over the basket. I smile and lift up my shirt and she gasps. "It's for my dad." I tell her, it's still a bit red, but because of the ice it hasn't swelled.


"It's cool, so did he hold your hand?" She asks putting the clothes in the baskets and pulling out the hair dye boxes. She throws the red dye up on my top bunk and waits for my answer.


"Yeah." I tell her and she squeals like a pig. She does a happy dance. I laugh at her, and I decide to tell her the best part. "We decided it was our first date." She stops movement for a moment before she runs out of the room. I laugh as she runs down the hall squealing and dancing. She bumps into someone when she's out of sight and she yells owe loudly. A semi familiar male voice apologizes, and Perrie assures him it's alright and she makes her way back to our room.


"You said first, which usually implies a second. We have to double date, that'll be so much fun." She says, dancing around an pumping the air with her fist. She pauses when there is a knock on the door. She answers it, "I said I'm fine and it's alright." She says sounding a bit annoyed.


"I know, I I mean I didn't know this is your room. I'm here to talk um Amber." The guy says so Perrie let's him in. She winks at me before heading into our bathroom pulling apart the hair dye box. I stay seated on my bed, hoping I don't look to crappy in my purple shorts and grey tank top. I'm wearing a pair of grey and purple fuzzy socks to match.


"Calum, right?" I ask him, he's in a pair of light brown slacks and a blue button up with a tie. I'm not happy to see him, quite frankly my good mood is dissipating.


"Yes, um I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me this weekend?" He asks, stumbling slightly over his words.


"I'm seeing someone you can relay that message to my grandmother while you're at it." I say my voice cold. Calum nods his head and he leaves. Perrie exits the bathroom and hands me the hair dye and gloves. I do her hair in silence as we watch Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Her hair comes out really nice, she decides she wants to show it off. "Let's go out, you, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall, Sophia and I. We can go out or stay in, I don't care I just want to show them all. Plus you need to show off your tattoo." Just then a knock is at our door, and I answer with great caution. Standing in our door way is my grandmother and grandfather.

"What?" I ask, and they both look appalled. Well excuse me.

"We're here to take you to dinner, we want you to meet friends of ours and their lovely son Calum. Please go get dressed." My grandmother says her nose turned up. My head begins to shake before I can stop it, but to be fair I wouldn't. "Do not protest..."

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Perrie interrupts with a giggle, and I can't help laughing either. Oh Shakespeare providing comic relief since Hamlet.

"Very funny, now go get ready."

"I have plans tonight." I say just as a curly haired doofus pops up behind my grandparents. "Hey Harry, c'mon in." Harry, who already towers over everyone, stands on his tippy toes in order to get passed my grandparents.

"Oh my heavens how dare you let a male that isn't related to you into your dorm room?" My grandmother gasps clutching her heart. I look at her through squinted eyes, and then at my grandfather who won't make eye contact with me.

"Yeah I have a lot of friends, most of them are male. See guys aren't as petty as girls." I spot Louis approaching and a smile slips on my face like butter on a hot day. He smiles at me, and I begin to melt like said butter. His arms are shown off with a black Adidas muscle t-shirt. My grandmother turns around to see what could possible steal my attention from this oh so riveting conversation. "Hey you."

"Hey beautiful." He walks right pass my grandparents to stand by my side. He has a duffel bag and a Walmart bag, but he offers his hand for my grandparents to shake. "Hello I'm Louis Tomlinson." My grandmother refuses to look at him, but my grandpa shakes his hand. I smile at my grandpa and he finally makes eye contact.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Tomlinson. We're Amber's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Foreman. How about we leave, and later this week we set up another dinner, just us, your mother and you." He tries to be the middle ground, and to be completely honest I'm just about to agree when my grandmother opens her big mouth.

"Stop being such a child, go change into something nice. We have reservations in ten minutes." She pushes.

"Babe I think you should go, I'll make sure we don't watch any of the good movies without you." Louis, what a traitor. I glare at him, and for the second time today his eyes gleam with mischief.

"What...wait stop what're you saying?" I ask, I subtly elbow him in his stomach.

He leans in and whispers, "I'll make sure you don't regret going." I mull it over and finally nod my head yes.

"Okay fine let me just get changed."


Okay so it's been a while and I apologize. I'm sorry guys, next chapter will be better.

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