Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


8. "Boring."

*Saturday Following The Second Sleepover*

"You're so lazy." I whine, Perrie laughs, as she hurries pulling off her jeans, and pulling on a black skirt and skin colored tights. She is standing in front of my only form of entertainment, the TV. She then pulls off her shirt and replaces it with a white blouse. "I can't believe you're worried about your parents coming up, you get like this every time." I say throwing her a pair of black heels. She has to take out her nose ring, and replace it with a stud. She puts on light make up and outs in a pair of diamond earrings. Just Ashe pulls on a white sweater someone knocks on the door.

I climb off the bed, as Perrie finishes her curls. Perrie's parents are standing at the door. "Hello Amber, it's nice seeing you again." Her father says, I shake his hand and her mothers.

"It's nice seeing you too Mr. and Mrs. Edwards." I lie, her parents are rich and uptight. They were so angry when they found out Perrie got a nose ring. They were even angrier when they first met me, and I was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top, in my defense it was hot and they were pajamas. As Peerie asked I don't let them see much of the room, because it's messy at the moment, since Perrie had to tear apart her closet to find clothes her parents would approve of.

"Mom, dad," Perrie says, pushing through the door, and closes it. I laugh as I throw her clothes back into the closet. I get a text from Harry saying party at his house tonight, so I hurry up and change. I pull on a pair of black leather pants, with a black sleeveless bra and top. I grab a black leather jacket, and a pair of black ankle boots. I put on black bracelets, a pair of black feather earrings, and a long necklace with a black jem, that rests just under my chest. I do my make up, night as dark as the rest of my outfit though, and when I look in the mirror I smile. I look so hot I hope Louis thinks so too...where did that come from? I shake my head and rush out of my dorm and to my car, along the way a boy dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt accidentally bumps into me. His hair is black and he has brown eyes. His jaw line is amazing, and he looks pretty fit.

"Sorry." He apologizes, his voice oozes with an Australian accent. He's hot, I'm not going to lie, but he's not as hot a Louis...since when do I compare boys to Louis instead of Harry and Zayn? I assure him it's fine and hurry to my car. As soon as my car starts up Fall Out Boy comes on with Centuries, I smile and enjoy the music, but secretly wish it was Louis Louis again. When I get to Harry's building I greet the man behind the desk with a friendly hello, even though his eyes linger a little too long on me, and I don't mean my face.

Harry's apartment is on the first floor, all the way at the end of the hallway. I make my way to the door, and the party is in full swing, I can hear the music about halfway down the hallway. I open the door and step in, when I don't spot Louis anywhere, I sit on the couch next to a guy with dyed red hair. He's attractive, but not as attractive as...never mind we all know where that one was going. "Michael." He says, holding his hand out to me.

"Amber," I say shaking his hand. We sit in silence for a bit, and then he asks me to dance. When we start dancing I turn my back to him and his hands find my hips and guides them. After a couple of songs I leave him and go get a drink. I sit at the island and start talking to the girl who lives across the hall from mine dorm, her name is Lexi. I lose count of Lexi's beers, but I take it slow and inly have three. I jump when a pair of hand touch my shoulders and someone buries their face in my neck. "Who is it?" I ask trying to move so I could see, but each time I move so does the the person behind me.

"Hello Amber." Harry laughs into my neck, and I push him off. "Are you still mad about the other day?" He asks, sitting next to me.

"A little, you were a bit of an asshole, I mean you have no right to pull that kind of crap." I say, getting out my phone, and doing my best to ignore Harry and Lexi as they chat.

Me: Hey

Louis: Hey, what's up?

Me: Nothing, kind of bored.

Louis: You're at Harry's party?

Me: Funny, but yeah.

Louis: If you want to ditch and have some real fun you know my address ;)

Me: Pig :P

Louis: Yum, stop and get bacon.

Me: Who said I was excepting your offer?

Louis: We both know where you're going to go, I'll order pizza.

Me: Hmm...maybe, anything else.

Louis: Wings

Me: ...

Louis: Beer, movies, video games

Me: anything else?

Louis: C'mon beautiful what else do you want?

Me: I'll stop and get bacon, after I change and get clothes.

Louis: Knew it.

Me: On a few conditions.

Louis: Go for it.

Me: Pizza better be cheese, and pepperoni and it better be Sam Adams beer.

Louis: Done.

Me: We don't watch anything that is a Nicholas Sparks book, or could pass off as one.

Louis: Like I'd own that crap.

Me: Call me beautiful.

I press send nervous about that last one, I tap my hand on the counter and Harry looks at me. Just when my phone beeps.

Louis: Duh.

I smile with relief and Harry just grunts.

Me: If I want something I get it.

Louis: Got it.

Me: Most importantly, the pizza better be there and warm when I get there.

Louis: I promise

I get up and leave, the creepy bell boy tells me good night, and I return the gesture. I make my way to the car, and on my way to the door I stop and get bacon. Back at my dorm, I peel off all of the black clothes and change into a pair of pajamas. They are blue and pink shorts and a blue tank top, I wipe all of the make up off and rid myself of the jewelry. I pack a pair of grey sweats and a black t-shirt incase I go home afterwards—or hopefully stay there...what?—I also grab a pair of black skinny jeans, and a light blue long sleeved top.


"You are a man of your word Mr. Tomlinson." I say taking a bite of my pizza, sitting next to him on his couch watching Let's Be Cops. I set my piece back in the pizza box—neither of us wanted plates—and take a sip of my beer. I take a picture of the pizza and beer with the movie in the background and put it shapchapt, Louis insists I put the caption With the bæ. "Do you have snapchat?" I ask him.

"Why you want me to send you nu..." I cut him off by slapping my hand over his mouth. He laughs, and mumbles something. I take my hand off his mouth and he says. "BigTommo22" (a/n don't look it up, because idk if it's real or not) I laugh and add him. We take a selfie we're both flipping the camera off and the caption is: You can't handle the swag. We finish Let's Be Cops and we both laugh the entire movie. "What's next?" He asks me.

"Do you have The Purge?" I ask him leaning forward and grabbing more pizza. Louis smiles and climbs off the couch and he rummages through the DVD and pulls out both Purge movies. He puts the first one in and gets back on the couch. I grab the chicken wing box and set it on one of my legs and one of his, and as the movie plays we eat them. It's past eleven thirty and the movie is just wrapping up. Everything in silent, and just as the crazy blond goes to try and purge again there's a knock on the door and I jump. Louis laughs. "It's not funny Louis, who the hell is knocking on your door so late?"

"I don't know, but that was funny. I'll get the door you get more beer." He says, and I nod. I make my way to the kitchen and I hear the door open, " What're you two doing here?" I hear Louis asks, his tone between annoyed and happily surprised. I crack open both beers and Louis says, "Go sit on the couch." He comes into the kitchen, an apology written on his face. I lean against the counter and hand him a beer. I smile, and he sips his beer at the same time I do.

"So, who was at the door?" I ask him in a whisper.

"My sisters, Lottie and Fizzy, I'm sorry." He whispers back.

"Louis, we came to visit and you go and hang out in the kitchen." A girl says, while the other one laughs.

"Hey, can we have some pizza and wings?" Another one asks. He sighs and drags me out into the living room. The girls look up and go silent. They seem to be inspecting me. "Well hi, I'm Félicité, people call me Fizzy." The younger looking girl with darker hair says holding her hand out, and I shake it. "That is Lottie." Lottie looks older with lighter hair, she waves and I wave back.

"I'm Amber." I smile, and then I turn to Louis. "Hey, I'm going to let you have some sibling time, I'll leave. See you in class." I say turning to go to his room to grab my bag. Louis grabs my arm.

"No you don't have to go, they need to go to bed so we can finish our movie night. You can still stay over night." Louis says. Lottie and Fizzy smile, "You guys are fine with that right?" He asks his sisters who nod.

"Okay." I say smiling, Lottie and Fizzy grab my hands and pull me into Louis' room, Louis looks confused as they do. "Um..."

"Are you two dating?" Lottie asks climbing on top of his bed and Fizzy does the same. I laugh and shake my head before leaving.


"It was nice meeting you." I tell the girls as they wave good bye. Louis and I walked them to the lobby, because Louis' mom is here to pick them up. I'm dressed in my skinny jeans and long sleeved t-shirt, I'm so happy I wore my black converse because they go good with this outfit. We walk back up to his apartment, and I can't help but notice how his bell boy's eyes don't linger on me any longer than a second.

"We should do something." Louis yawns and sits back on the couch. I laugh, so much for doing something. "How about the mall?" Louis asks, I nod and he gets up and grabs his keys. We sing along to the radio, Louis is obviously better than me. When we get to the mall, I pull Louis to Barnes & Nobles. "Boring." Louis jokes, as I lead him down the teen fiction isle. I grab two books and buy them after that we walk around just talking.

"Let's go in Hot Topic." Louis laughs as I drag him in to Hot Topic. There is a whole wall for The Nightmare Before Christmas. "Oh my God." I say starring at the wall in awe. Louis laugh and leaves me to gawk at the wall, and walks around the store. I pick our a few Disney shirts and a few belts and then we leave. Louis pulls me into the next store, I don't see the name but he starts picking out outfits for me, so I do the same for him. We swap, and hurry into the fitting room so a worker doesn't see a guy going into the girls changing room. He looks away as I undress and I change into the first dress. It's cute: It's white, strapless, goes to mid thigh, with a thick black strip under my chest, and at the bottom there are black flowers. Louis tries on a pair if black skinny jeans, a black shirt and blaser.

"You clean up well." He says, "Like I was hoping, I'm buying that for you." He says, and when I turn to him he has his phone and takes a picture. I scowl before he throws another outfit at me an I do the same to him. I face toward the door and he faces the wall without a mirror. The next outfit is a pair of tel skinny jeans, a peach and white striped tank top. I turn around after Louis says he's done. He's wearing the same outfit and I narrow my eyes at him. He laughs before throwing the next outfit at me. It's my turn to laugh when we both turn around. "Great minds think a like." He says. He is wearing a grey shirt with a faded American flag design and a pair of blue jeans. He picked out a loose white tank top with the British flag on it and a pair of ripped skinny jeans for me. We take a picture on my phone and I send it to him.

We finish up and end up buying clothes, Louis insisting on buying me the white dress, another dress, and three outfits with skirts. In turn I buy him lunch at the food court.

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