Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


6. A Little Too Much Grey's Anatomy

I yawn, I hate Monday morning lectures especially after a visit with mom.  I look around the room and see a couple in the back a lot less interested then me.  With out a moments hesitation I stand up and quietly make my way towards the couple, using the stupid pencil sharpener as a cover up.  Once I make it to the couple that is devouring each other I smack the back of the guys head, "Owe," Harry turns to look at me and then smiles, "oh hey, what's up?"  I crouch down and place my chin on the desk. 


"I know this is stupid, but do you have Edward Scissor Hands to return to me?"  I say, with another yawn.  Harry smirks, before pulling the movie out his stupid man purse, or as he calls it a satchel.  He pats me on the head with the movie, and hands it to me.  "By the way Mr. Styles, has a vast amount of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, be careful..."  The girl that was hitting it off with Harry, moves two seats over and wipes her mouth profusely.  I giggle and Harry just shakes his head at me, as I walk back to my seat.  The rest of lecture is extremely boring, and once it's over I can't help, but be excited because my next lecture isn't until later.   As I walk through campus, I find Zayn and Perrie, they are arguing, which isn't a big surprise.  "Hey love bugs, how's life in lover's corner?" 


"This is not lover's corner.  This is hot blond with a sexy accent falls for a boy with British accent, who can't keep is pants on corner."  Perrie says pushing at Zayn's chest. 


"Listen, Perrie I swear she forced herself on me, I wouldn't hurt you.  C'mon baby believe me."  He begs her, and I feel completely irrelevant in this whole conversation.  With an awkward wave, I leave and head to my dorm.  I pass a few people I know, including Luke Hemmings, a boy in my Literature class.  When I get to my dorm, I don't bother turning on the lights, I just put in Grey's Anatomy, and cover up.  I'm on the episode of the shooting in the hospital. I'm crying when the door opens--I forgot to lock it, idiot me--and in walks Louis.  He seems confused, but when he turns the lights on, he starts laughing. 


"Are you crying, over a TV show?"  I pause the TV and wipe my tears, embarrassed.  "Look at the little baby, so cute crying away in her bed.  Does the baby waby need a hugie wugie?"  He says in a baby voice, I suppress a laugh.  I know how to laugh at myself, I also got that from my dad.  We use to poke fun of each other, and know when to laugh and when to stop. 


"Shut up, what are you even doing here?"  I ask him, adjusting my positing so I'm sitting on the edge of my bed, and swinging my feet back and forth.  He shakes his head, and sits next to me.  When I got back Sunday, he was in the courtyard and we ended up talking for about four hours.  I told him how much I hate my schedule and he boasted about the girl he shagged Saturday, he also had to tell me what shagged meant.  When he told me how he took to dinner, and not Hooters, and then back to his apartment I felt something, that I refuse to call jealously. 


"I don't have any early classes today, so I thought I could see what losers do when they don't have classes.  Turns out they cry over doctor shows.  What is this anyways, Grey's Anatomy?"  He lays back and presses play on the remote.  I grab the blanket and lean against the wall, and try not to cry.  A hiccup comes from my mouth and Louis laughs at me again.  "Don't cry McDreamy makes it."   I laugh, making him sit up.  "You tell anyone I'll kill you, got it."


"Awe Lou, you big teddy bear.  So are you like caught up to, or are you like me and completely behind?"  I ask him, spreading the blanket to cover him too.  He shakes his head and mumbles something so I can't hear him.  I poke him, "What was that you said?"


"I'm caught up, okay? My mum watches it, she got me hooked, only because Mark is a legend." He says leaning against the wall so our shoulders are touching. He rubs my shoulder as I cry, but fails to cover up his laughter. One the season finally is over, Louis is hugging me, as we both laugh at how ridiculous I was being. "Better?"


"Yeah, well I hope so. I'm bored do you want to go to the pizza place just around the corner, I'll buy." I offer climbing off of the bed.


"Well since you're buying, let's go." He laughs when he sees I'm wearing a pair of pajamas. "Did you wear those to your lecture this morning?" I nod as I pick out my outfit. I pick a pair of skinny jeans, a long black sleeved shirt, a purple scarf and a pair of my vans. "You are lazy."


"I can't help it, it was so early and so on and so forth and what have you." I say closing bathroom door behind me and quickly change. I brush my hair and teeth, my hair curls at the end today and looks pretty for once.  When I leave the bathroom, someone knocks on my dorm door.  "I'm quit popular today."  I joke to Louis, who follows me to the door. 

"Maybe it's because you but pizza for people you barely know."


"Only for the ones that call me beautiful."  I say and open the door, standing there is Jeff, yes as in my cousin.  "Jeff what're you doing here?  I thought you were visiting with your parents, while you were home from Iraq."  I say, super confused.  Louis tenses up, and closes off, I feel the need to explain that Jeff is my cousin.  "Oh by the way Jeff this is my friend Louis, Louis this is my cousin Jeff."  Louis shakes his hand.


"Yeah I leave for my tour tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you that you got a letter in the mail from your father."  He pulls a letter from behind his back.  He watches me cautiously.  This doesn't make sense, my father died in Iraq we buried him.  "It's not knew it's dated to right before the accident, it was in a package that said this was found in the bunker he was in, it turns out they just started reusing it."  I take the envelope from Jeff, and my hand is shaking. 


"Um...will you, I mean did you read it?"  I ask him, and he shakes his head no.  "Do you see the date, it's a week before my birthday, it's probably a birthday letter.  He never got it to  me, Jeff I can't read it."  I tell him trying to give it back to him.  He takes it, after a few moments, "Okay, Louis and I are getting pizza, come with us.  I'm buying."  Jeff nods, and we get into his car to go the restaurant.  We drive in silence, Louis is sitting in the front with my cousin as I stair out the window.  The boys start to talk when we get to the pizza place.  I leave them to use the rest room right away, and when I come back the waitress is already setting down drinks. 

"Are you military?" She asks Jeff who nods, "Your meals in the house." She tells him and takes our order. Louis and Jeff talk and hit it off, I talk as little as possible without being rude. When we're done I pay for mine and Louis' dinner and we head out.

"Hey Amber, remember when we about eleven and you kicked some guys ass because you overheard him say something about you. She's a firecracker." Louis laughs.

"Yeah well I got that from the good part of the family." I say with a bitter taste in my mouth. The rest of the drive is silent, and quicker than the ride to the pizza place. I climb out of the car, as Louis takes some time to get out. When he gets out he's smiling and asks what we're going to do next. "Well I have a lecture, but I don't feel like it so more Grey's."

"Sounds good to me."


So it's a bit of a filler chapter and it's also kind of weak and late. Sorry about the terrible and late update.

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