The Children of the Gods

24 demigods set out to save the world. Khione is up to mischief.


3. Katya

We walked in a kind of north direction. Everyone of us was shattered. Our walking became slower and slower as the sun became lower and lower in the sky. My feet ached and I leaned against a tree to catch my breath.  The others passed me but Will stood with me until I was ready. 

We ran to catch up with the others who had stopped and were gathering round something. I pushed past them and saw what they were staring at. It was a fox, frozen into ice. I turned away. The sight was disgusting.

"A warning from Khione." Ellen said. I nodded.

"Let's keep moving or end up like that fox!" Reese said and we all agreed.

After many, many hours the sun began to set and we were all bending over from stitches. All but one. Reese was in high spirit and began to sing. Scar sighed and ran up to her.

All I could hear was Reese's loud, harsh laughter.

"For gods sake, does that girl never get down!" Cara moaned.

"Honestly, I've tried and failed!" Cassidy laughed.

Then it just got better. A thunder storm. Our shirts were soaked through and our hair hung limp and wet around our faces.

"Ascott, Parker!" I called, " can you make your dad calm down or something."

Luala laughed and began to cough.

"You ok?" Ascott asked. She nodded and said it was the cold. Reese was still bounding ahead in high spirits.

"Can someone make her shut up?" Kate groaned. We laughed and just kept on walking.

Day turned into night and still we kept on moving. We became drowsy and slow and even Reese shut up. Lee gave us each a jar of Greek fire so we could see the way and told us not to drop them. She didn't need to. We all knew the consequence of Greek fire.

It was actually quite a pretty sight. Twenty-four demigods walking through the night guided by the beautiful green light of Greek fire.

There weren't any stars in the sky. No moon either. It was all clouded over. I don't know whether that added to the gloom or the beauty.

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