Auction 2

It's been 4 years since she left ...

2. 1

(Liberty's dream)

I was on tour with 5sos and I saw ...

(Dream over)

I felt water all over my face . Then I heard some laughing

It was the Ashton Michael Luke calum and Dominic laughing at me

Domonic came up to me and tried to give me a kiss but then I twisted his nipple

" Ouch " he said

" let's go guys or else we're dead !" Said Ashton laughing his ass off .

I got up from the bed and I jumped at Ashton

"Ah! " he yelled

The guys got frighten

" oh shit!"

I got up

" who's next ? " I asked

Luke Michael and calum ran downstairs

" OH SHIT !let's not mess with her anymore " I heard Michael shout

I laughed

I went downstairs and saw calum hiding behind the couch , luke running to the closet , and Michael holding a pan . I sticked my middle finger out

" fuck you guys "

Calum jumped up from behind the couch ,Luke got out of the closet , and. Michael dropped the pan .

I went to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast .

So I live with my my boyfriend and 5sos ( I met them at collage )

Me and the guys sat down and ate breakfast .

" so you guys are going to take care of my girl right ?" Said Dominic

" yes we are dom . She'll be with us and she'll be fine . Plus this is her second time "

I've been with other celebrities so I can do their hair and I became great friends with them like justin bieber , Avril lavigne ,Taylor swift , and Prince Royce . Now this is my second time I'll be on tour with these idiots for 5 month.s the rest of the celeberities was for a month .i have never done with one direction and I plan not to . I mean I like and miss the boys ... but not Niall .

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