Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


11. why?!

*elizabeth pov *

I woke up and when i checked my phone it was 12:30 shit my brother is coming in half an hour and i didnt even changed. I was about to get up but two strong hands were holding me from my waist it was ashton. "Ash can u leave me i need to eat and take a shower" i said. He shook his head "i dont want. Ket me enjoy the momnet" he said. "U know were not alone here. Calum is here too" i said smiling. "I dont want. Calum can leave" he said. "No i wont leave gotta a problem " calum said not opening his eyes. "Arghh" i heard ash says. "Now can i leave" i said. "Kiss me first" he said. "Ok" i said and kissed his cheek. "Wrong place" he said. "Where do u want me to kiss?" I questioned. He pointed on his lips. "Restricted place to kiss mr.irwin" i said. "Pweeeeez" ge said while doing his puppy eyes. Wow is all i can say is that how much he wanted it. "Ok just for once and you" i turned to calum. "Don't hate for this" i said. Suddenly he jumped and stared at me. "Hate you for what?" He asked. Suddenly i got turned by ash's strong arms and being kissed. Its was different than calum's. They were emotional and lovable. I felt butteflies in my stomach and i felt ash smile so i smiled back. I turned to see calum's jaw dropped and tears are threating to fall from his eyes. Before i could say something i heard a knock on the door and when i saw the time it was 1. My brother is here what should i do. "Iam gonna open the door" i said. When i was walking i mouthed calum •iam sorry• while ashton was on his phone. When i opened the door brad entered like its his own house. "Hey sis what did you made for lunch?!" He asked and he seems really hungry. "I just woke up so i didnt do anything" i said while closing the door. "Really sis" he said . "Yes idiot" i replied. "I want to ask u something sis" he said. "What is it and why all of sudden u wanna ask me something?" I told him. He just shrugged his shoulders. "Ok talk" i asked. "So if u cut amd u really wanna tell somebody about it how do u do it?!" He asked. Anger started rushing in my whole body. "Brad show me you wrist" i told him. When i saw them they were like 5 cuts in each hand. "Why brad why did u do it?" I yelled at him. "Iam sorry its soo stupid ur gonna hate me for it" he said and its the first i see brad crying his heart out.

*brad pov *

If i told her she will hate me but i know elizabeth understand she's so sensitive. She hate cutting but luv helping people cause she dont want anyone to live the life she had. "Sis..." I said shaking. "What?" She said with no emotions only tears streaming down her cheeks. "I did it cause my friends dumped me cause I stopped being mister cool guy. I trusted them with everything and now they dumped me" he said. I said and i saw my sister crying too.

*ashton pov*

"Hey calum i think we should leave." I whispered to calum. He nodded his head but before we leave we wrote a letter for elizabeth to tell her that we are leaving.

From ash and calum,

Hey elizabeth we had si much fun yesterday thnx and we hope we meet again.

I put the paper on the tea table and left with calum. When we passed across the kitchen i saw elizabeth hugging her brother.

*elizabeth pov*

"I am sorry for yelling at you and being there when you needed me" i said. "Its okay. At least you care beside my mom" he said. I putted both my hands on his cheeks and pinched them "u adorable brother go to sleep i know you tired" i said. He smiled and went to my room. I followed him but something caught my eyes. It was a peice of paper on the tea table. I read it and smiled it was so sweet and cute awwww. Then i went to the room and found brad asleep he's a fast sleeper. I went to my closet and pocked up a rolling stones shirt with ripped jeans then i went to the drawer and took my medical glasses, my 5sos fam bracelet, some rubber band bracelet and my luck charm necklace. I entered the bathroom and took a long shower then i brushed my teeth and keft the bathroom. I brushed my hair and putted in a messy bun then i left the house wearing my medical glasses. Yeah i wear contact but i feel lazy to handle them today



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