Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


9. what is going on?!

*elizabeth pov*

I just opened my eyes seeing that everybody is here. But calum wasn't. Even though i like luke but i really have a crush over calum. "Hey" was the first words came out of my mouth. "Ellie". I heard sana's voice from beside me. I turned as fast as i could and i started crying. "Please forgive me sana i really am sorry." I said sobbing. "Its okay. Iam really sorry for making u be in this position" she said crying too. I was confused she wasn't the reason. "Hey u didn't do anything. It happened because two ppl were following me" i said.

*michael pov*

"Fuck" i mumbled to myself. It was me and ash who were following her.

*elizabeth pov*

"Hey guys where is calum?" I asked. "He said he would go and come but i dont know where did he go." Luke said. "I wanna see him. Iam gonna go find him" i said. "But u cant move" ash said." Ur not my doctor so i can move in the hospital" i said in a stratic voice. " ok but elizabeth we wanna ask u a question." Michael said. "What is it?" I wondered. " do u wanna go out with us tommorow for lunch ?" They all said at once . "Can sana come ?" I said. "Yeah she can" michael said while he is blushing. I think he likes her. I got out of this crapy bed and went to find calum.

As i was humming dont stop i saw a fimiliar person crying in a corner inthe hospital. As i get closed i recognize that it was CALUM. "Hey whats going on?". I asked with a concerned look. "Its nothing" he said. "U dont have to talk about. I know its ur privacy life but dont cry it hurts me more than u think". I said wiping his tears. "And why would it hurts u?" He asked with confusion. "I like u and i know that u wont feel the same cause u just met me and iam not perfect for u" i said trying to hold the tears thats gonna fall.

*calum's pov*

I couldnt resist this words she was saying but i should hold it i can't kiss her she is my sister. Only seconds and i kissed her i couldnt hold it. The words she said made me realize how much she worth . It would break her if she knew that iam her brother. I felt her kissing back and smiling. "You r perfect to me ellie" i said after finishing the kiss

*mins after the kiss*

I entered the bathroom and washed my face. What did i do and what is going on ?! I cant love my sister. FUCK U CALUM i said to myself


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