Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


3. the concert (2)

*luke pov*

Calum entered pulling a girl behind him she was looking at her foot and blushing. I saw niall walking over her and hugging her she smiled and hugged him back. All the guys introduced their selfs. When I came close I saw her blushing.

*elizabeth pov*

I had this huge crush on luke. I know he would think I have a crush on him because he can sing and he's in a band but I like him because of his personality and his beautiful smile. As he walked toward me I started to blush and every step he take I blush more and more. "Hi, Iam luke". As soon as I heard that I raised my I eyes and smiled like an idiot." Somebody fangirling her"someboby wispered in my ears. " no Iam not fangirling and who you are?". "Then its a crush' and Iam calum"."ah" I said nodding my head. Then the guard came "ma'am you should go cause the doors will be opened for the crowd and the concert will be start"." Ok I will leave. So bye guys. I will see you later"." Ok bye elizabeth" one direction and 5sos guys said.

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