Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


8. shes my sister

*calum pov*

First she loves playing fifa and now she sleep with a stuffed animal I told you that she is suspitious."guys iam going to get something and come" i said." Ok but in your way can you bring me some food" sana said. "K" i replied. I was walking toward the recpetion "hi can i ask you for a favour?". She was woman in her 40s. "K but can you sign this for me my daughter is a big fan of you". "K anything for our fan". "So what you want me to do?" She asked. "So i have this friend in the hospital and i to do DNA examination cause there is a feeling that i saw her some were before". " k iam gonna do it right now do we want her blood and yours". "Ok where do you want me to be". " just go to the blood test room and i will go bring a blood test from her".

*skip the blood test*

"Hi are you calum?".a doctor came from the blood test room."yeah its me".I said with a nervous note."so the results came. She is your..............sister". As soon as i heard that a tear fall from my eyes. How could that happen, why mom did'nt tell me that I have another sister. I felt everything around me is a big lie.

[hi guys. Sorry for not publishing this days its cause of school. Iam gonna publish when i get time.]

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