Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


7. happiness on her way

*ashton pov*

What is going on why did she fall. Iam so scared even thiugh I dont know her but I started liking her and I really want to know her. I called the others and they say that they are coming." Mr.irwin"the doctor said. I raised my head"yep is she okay?"."shes a lucky girl if you didnt bring her sooner she wouldve died"."thank god it didnt happen?"."shes gonna be in her room. She should sleep at least until tommorow morning"." Oh i understand".

*sana pov*

I started running and crying its my fault that she is in the hospital I should apologize or she will hate me her whole life. As soon as I arrived i went to the reception."hi maam how can I help you?"the nurse in the recption asked." I want to know what is the number of Elizabeth Edwards room?"."its room 5913".i tear rolled down my cheek cause it was really ellie is in the hospital. I started to run to her room and when I arrived there i saw two fimiliar faces and when i got closer it was michael and ashton sitting outside ellies room." We are sorry but we dont have time for signature our friend is in the hospital" michael said. I was shocked cause he thinks i want an signature." I didnt came for signature elizabeth is my best friend and my sister so i came to see if shes ok and apoligize about what I said in the phone I was just mad that she forgot about our movie marathon night. Thats ellie she always forget things even if you just told her". I didnt notice that every word I say a tear falls down my cheeks." Aha.......the doctor said she should sleep until tommorow morning but somebody should stay with her and I see that you are really hurt because of this"ash said." Iam going inside". I was holding the door hand and i was feeling the weakness filling my body. When i entered i saw her and i was going to fall on my knees but I hold myself and said to myself that I should be strong for elizabeth. There was a tube in her nose so she can breath and a .........NEEDLE that gonna freak her out in the morning if she saw it. Minute passes until i heard a knock on the door it was the 5sos guys. "Hey is sleeping?" Luke questioned. "Shit sherlock shes awake dancing" michael said." No stealing for pickup lines". They looked at me in confusion. " what do you mean by that ?"."this is ellies pickup line and she never used it only once but it was one side love"."what do you mean by that?" Calum asked." Iam sorry ellie. Ellie loved this guy so much that she used to cry over him every night cause he will never love her. One day she was sitting with her bf (best friend) and she found out the she love is in love with her bf from that day she always sad and dissapionted in her self and also she tried to forget him but he always come on her mind"."woow thats so lond and sad" michael said."luke......luke i want you where are you sana where is..........my luke?" Elizabeth said while she is sleeping." NO NO she want him"."what is going on here ?" Ashton asked and he seemed angry."its her stuffed peguin she will wake up at any time because he is not her".

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