Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


10. best day ever

*elizabeth pov*

I cant believe he just kissed me. Iam really happy. Can this day get any better?. I waited for calum by the door of the bathroom." Hey did u finish?" I shouted through the bathroom door. " iam gonna come out in secs wait". He replied. When he came out i smiled at his face and he return it back." So...." I said to cut this awkward silence. "So what do u wanna do today?" He asked. "Iam gonna have lunch with u guys and then do nothing else than sitting with sana.......oh wait she's gonna be busy so i dont have nothing later" i said. "Do u want me to stay with u?" He asked. I felt butterflies in my stomach. "If u want u can" i said with a smile and i could see him smiling again. When i ws to say something my phone rang. I picked it out and it was Ashton.


E-hey ash.

A-where r u and did u find cal?

E-iam heading to the room and yeah i found cal but how did u get my number

A-Sana gave me and hurry up cause ur gonna leave the hospital

E- really. Iam soo happy thnx for the great news

(Skip until leaving the hospital)

I hopped in the car with sana."do you think i have a chance with michael?" Sana asked from no where. "Yeah and why are you asking?! Is somebody having a cruuuuuuush. Sana and michael sitting on the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g" i said. "Stop it" she said while blushing.

(Skipping the car ride)

When we arrived there the guys were sitting on a table at the corner of the resturant (the resturant was nandos). While we were heading to the table i got a phone call. It was mom missed her too much. I didnt talked her like from 2 or 3 years.


M-hey my baby

E-hey mom i really missed u

*sana's pov*

When we entered ellie got a phone call and when i saw the ID it was her mother. I know she miss her like hell. I left her alone cause she never want me to see her cry and i want her to talk to her mother privately. I headed to the guys. "Where is elizabeth?!" Calum asked with concern. "Woow calm down lover boy. She is talking to her mom outside" i told him.

*elizabeth pov*


E-so will come for a whole week


E-but when and with who?

M-iam gonna come after two week and with ur brother brad

E-aww i really missed u guys

M-we missed u too baby so iam gonna go now call u later

E-k bye

As soon as she hung up i entered the resturant and headed directly to the guys table."Hey guys" i said. "Oh hey" they replied. When i sat i got a text it was from my brother.

Idiot prevent=my brother

Lil penguin=me

Idiot prevent: hey sis. Look through the resturant window

Lil penguin: wait

I turned around and saw a fimiliar face. There he was with his brown eyes and blond hair.

"OH.....MY......GOD" i shouted. "What is going on?" Asked ash. Tears started falling from my eyes. He entered the resturant and i runned hugging him. "Hey gorgeous" he said. "Hey idiot. I missed u" i whispered in his ear. "I missed u too" he replied whispering. I let go of him and took him to the table and i can see the anger in cal's and ash's eyes. "Hey guys i want u to meet someone special to me" i said smilling. When sana raised her eye it got wide. "B..B...BR..ra...d" she said frustrated and now i see the anger in mikey's eye wooow. "Yeah its BB...B..RR...A-d" he said. "Its not funny but how did u get here?" She asked. " by an airplane stupid" he said getting his tongue out and she did the same. "Why did he became like u?! Lovable and kind" she said to me. "I dont know" i said shrugging my shoulders. "Can u tell us who is he?!" Angry calum said. "K this is my brother brad" i said. "So he's not gonna steal u from me" calum said. "No and who said iam yours" i asked. "I said" he replied.

(Skip until leaving the resturant)

"Sis iam gonna go to the hotel. Gonna come sleep in u apartment when mom comes" brad said. "Okay" i said. "So hey" i heard calum saying from behind me. "Yeah" i replied. "Do u wanna go now to ur apartment" he said. "Yeah" i said. "Can i come?!" Ashton asked. "Yeah. Sure why not?!" I said.

(Skipping the car ride)

When we arrived both of them acted like it was there home. We watched movies till midnight and had a sleepover. Could something better happen?!!! It was the best day of my life.

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