The He She

I don't know what I am. I'm not a tomboy. Nor a girly girl. So, what am I? Look I'm not a good summary writer so just click read and I hope you enjoy��


3. school

Most people hate school because of all the work, teachers, and, well, let's be honest... Smelly people but the one and only reason I hate it is because of all the bullies.

I have no one to protect me at school, except, Liam Payne. He understands me and I understand him. We're a team.

Today was the first day of school so basically it was cursing, lunch money thefts, and fart bombs. So I ended up chewing gum at lunch. Liam noticed me and offered food. Politely I said no but I also say no to people who offer money, like I obviously want it. Liam, being the amazing person he is, decided to throw his lunch away and start chewing gum. That's when I knew that my day would be ok.


I got dropped off at home by Liam and as I expected , I was greeted by my parents saying "Hi honey! How was school?!?" I immediately smiled and thought of lunch. I replied by " just a usual day" to avoid a one hour conversation.

I jolted up to my room and started homework. And I obviously knew we we were reviewing things from last year. I got distracted by my phone. Instagram of course caught my attention. After millions of hd pics of food, celebs, and famous quotes, I noticed that it has been 3 hours and the homework was due tomorrow.

After my tenth question had been answered, I dozed off at my desk.

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