Everyone Has Their Secrets

Maya has never really liked being the center of bad attention. Who does? But hasn't made the best impression in Feller Valley. They don't don't get a lot of visitors. So when they do, they try to get to know then as well as they can. But Maya doesn't like the attention, at all. Most people think that she's just being mysterious and all, but there's a whole other reason to why she's blocking them out. And that reason is gonna bring them a whole lot of trouble.


1. Prologue

3rd person

Not everyone's life was as easy as hers. At least that was before HIM. Before that everything was perfect. Best family, best friends, most popular girl. Picture perfect life.

It was on her 15th birthday that everything went wrong. It was the day everyone found out about her family. About what she really was. Because she wasn't normal.

It was then that the bullying, the notes, and........ worse started. All her friends turned on her. Everyone treated her like the omega of the pack. Practically a slave.

It was 1 1/2 years later that she managed to run away. It was on a mandatory pack run, for everyone but her, and he usually leaves a guard for her but he figured that she was so injured it was just a waste.

That was 6 months ago. Ever since then she's been running. Going from town to town. Never stoping. She never stays long though. If she thinks they're close to tracking her she runs, going to another town without an Alpha.

But this time they're practically at her tail. They seem to know she would never go to a small town or a claimed territory. But what if she did? It'd probably take months for him to track her down. She running out of money and needs to settle down at least for a little. But the closest pack is also the most powerful one. The Moonshed Pack. They might me small in numbers but everyone in there gets trained to the very best. From the Alpha to the omegas. And the only way to not get caught is mask her scent. But masking ones scent uses a lot of power.

Only few actually have the ability to do it. Maya of course does. She's been doing it all her life. Which is why no one knew what she really was. Her kind and werewolves have similar scents but one can tell the difference. Because they have similar scents it is very easy to mask the differences so it appears she is a werewolf. But werewolf to human? Very different. It's going to take a lot of power. She'll be tired most of the time

But in the long run it will be worth it, right?

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