Quicksilver, a.k.a. Peter Maximoff, is a kleptomaniac. Which is bad. Very bad. Especially as he, well, is the fastest man alive. And also a mutant. So it isn't really a good mix. At least the law seems to think so.


1. A day in the life.

 The constant knocking of the door at five o'clock was starting to drive Mrs. Maximoff crazy. Staggering downstairs, having to clutch the bannister with lack of sleep, and opening the door, she was unsurprised, as always, to see two policemen standing on the driveway.

 "What's he done this time?" The two officers took that as an invitation into the house and pushed past the woman, ignoring her completely.

 "Peter!" she yelled, knowing full well that he would be awake. After a few minutes, the policemen began to grow visibly impatient, and she sighed audibly.

 "One moment, please." She made to go and fetch her son, but one of the men went to follow her.

 "You might go to warn him, ma'am." He countered in his low monotone. She shrugged, and continued to walk to Peter's room. She'd learned over the years that it was best to co-operate with the cops.

 She was about to knock on the door, when the officer launched into the wood, knocking the door clean off it's hinges. She growled slightly at the thought of the repair bill, but the policeman continued to march straight on through, and into Peter's room. As usual, it was empty. Peter had vanished, just like always, and had also managed to shift all of the stolen junk. She didn't know how he did it. Whether he had some kind of foresight or what, every single time the police came knocking, her son would vanish alongside all of his stolen goods.

 It was useful, though. She couldn't bear the hassle of having to bail her son out of jail. Again.

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