I'm worried about you

This is a story about my life and everything about it so far... If you don't like stories that involve self-harm or suicidal attempts, don't read. I might have swears in this... I might not...

I just planed out this entire story and it was 43 chapters or drafts, and it just deleted all of the draft titles. *explodes*


2. Jealousy and Bullying

The older sister who was my age felt left out and often started fights with her sister about me.

I would say that they are both my best friend, but it was obvious that I really only hung out with the younger one.

The older one would get bullied at school and I would be there for her.

Her little sister would as well and would threaten to beat up the bullies.

The older one was jealous though of my friendship with the younger and they wouldn't get along to well.

But the thing neither of us knew was about to come.

Middle school came and I luckily went to the same one as the older.

We never really had classes together because I was always on B and she was always on A.

At our school, they split the classes into groups of A and B, including C if they had too many students.

I was always on B because of a program I had joined called AVID.

The older one wasn't in AVID and just ended up never being in B.

When it comes to school, the only time we really saw each other was lunch and bus rides.

We saw each other when I went over to their house, but we didn't talk as much as we used to.

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