The twins, Kelly and Ellie, suffered from the tragic lost of their parents. Now that they are in a group home, they are hoping a family will love them as much as their parents did. When a family does come up, will there be problems? New school new bad boys... new cute brother? We'll see!


1. Me

My names Ellie. My parents died in a horrible car crash, a drunk driver didn't see them coming and totally destroyed the car and them. We weren't in the car, we were at a friends house... I guess you're wondering who's "we". I have a twin sister, Kelly. I guess you can say shes the prettier one. That's what all her friends said anyways. Were 16. Juniors in high school and we lost our parents. We planned the funeral and everything. Do you know how hard it is to see your parents like that?! Were still under aged and my auntie Bell didn't want to take us in. (She doesn't like kids) and that's all the family we have. So, we were put in the foster program. Yippe. (Sarcasm) we still don't have a foster family. We're waiting for our first... And hopefully last. Yeah. That's the wonderful life of mine.

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