Love is real with him

Lisa is a regular teenager that has a simple life but soon that changes when she found out she was an adopted child and her real parents died in a car accident! She thought her life was over till a boy saves her from her misery will he be able to glue her heart back or will he hurt her more??


3. it's him

Lisa:while I was dancing my ass off I bumped into a guy who was tall and had blonde hair "oh sorry" he had the most amazing Irish accent I couldn't stop staring at him

Niall: I went to find Harry but I bumped into the most gorgeous girl ever she had curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes I couldn't keep my eyes off her then Louis came over and put his arm on my shoulder "fancy her Niall?" As soon he said my name the whole club fell silent and yelled "AHHHH 1 DIRECTION!!!" I quickly grabbed the girls hand and ran away

Lisa:I didn't know what happened but I felt a sudden grab in my hand I didn't realize this until I had lost lily I turned around to see the guy "Niall" had grab my hand.

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