I love him

This is a story based on me and my ex's love story but some of it I make up... I change his name to Justin
Justin and Ana have a different type of love story.. They live so close to each other but yet they hardly see each other... They met at a math tutoring place...


2. How it all start

Ana's POV

It's a normal day at Mathnasium.. I'm just working on my math and I hear the door open. I look up and see these two twins...

I don't know how but I really really really thought the one that says Bieber is cute.

Marco went over to them...

Marco: Mr. Bieber's... Justin sit here -He pointed to the seat next to me- and Derek sit there -He pointed to the seat on the other side of me-

There was only two kids to a table so it was just me and Justin next to each other.

I looked up and Justin for a second.

He looked at me and smiled.

I quickly looked back down.

I remember seeing them over the summer.

I'm doing some math work... Ugh sometimes I really don't like my mom!! I know I got a bad grade in math but really!?!?! It's the middle of summer!!! I should be with my boyfriend Efron! I hardly see him.. He's always so busy but when hes free I'm stuck here!! Or I'm at tutoring... I didn't do the best in the 7th grade... If I don't do good in this stuff then I repeat 7th grade.... So I'm doing all of this so I can stay in the same grade as him... I think I love him.. But the farthest we have gone is I miss you... I don't know what to do.. I love him but I don't know if I should tell him that... The door opens and two it looks like twin brothers walk in...

They both are cute but I like the one who is on the left I find cuter. I don't know why they are twins..

I remember seeing them but it was always so busy!

Marco: Ana! Get back to work!

Me: Yeah yeah yeah

I kept on working until I heard Justin say..

Justin: Marco can I have a bite of your sandwich?

Marco: haha! No!

We both went back to work.


For about 15 minutes he has been begging Marco for 1 bite

Justin: Maaarrrccccoooo

I'm sick of this!

I tore off a little bit of my paper and wrote:

Just take it when he isn't looking

I tossed towards him and looked at him through the corner of my eye

He whispered "Oh yeah"

I playfully rolled my eyes..

I whispered to him "I'll distract him"

I got up and went over to Marco

Me: Marco?

Marco: What?

I asked him about some random thing checking every 20-30 seconds to see if Justin finished or not.. He was having trouble


Finally he threw his hands up...

Marco: Ana get back to work..

Me: Fine..

I went back and started working again..

Me: What happened?

Justin: I could't open it..

It stopped there...

I was in the middle of a problem when a tiny piece of paper went right in front of my paper.


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