1D Imagines

Just some imagines about 1D.


3. Katie

Made for Katie.


Niall's P.O.V

Harry brought his girlfriend to the house and they were being all dirty so I left to the park to leave all the tension. There weren't very many people.

All of a sudden I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I walked up to her and in the most sexiest  Irish accent I said,"Hello love my name is Niall." She looked up and smiled. "I'm Katie."

We talked until it got dark. "Well i've got to go but i'd love it if you would come with me." We started walking, suddenly I realised the boys were still at the house. I quickly texted them that they had to leave. They didn't ask questions.

We got to my house and I took her to the living room. "Can you stay here for a moment?" She nodded and I ran to my room. I cleant it as good as I could.

I walked back out. "I'll show you my room." She stood up and I picked her up bridal style. "Woah Niall what are you doing?",she asked. In a deep husky voice I answered,"Were gonna have fun baby."

Our lips attached and we couldn't break away. I kicked open the door and softly laid her on the bed. "Niall let's skip dinner and jump to dessert.", she moaned. "Oh baby, that's what I plan to do.

—Warning 16+ if you don't want do heard this I highly advise that you skip this


I pulled mine and Katie's clothes off. Our lips attached for a quick second before saying,"Do you want it all the way or a little at the time?",I asked. She moaned,"All the way please." 

I slid my full length into her making her moan loudly. "OH NIALL!",she almost screamed. This felt so right. I fingered her making her soaking wet. "Ready for the big finish?",I asked. She nodded.

I spread her legs apart and licked her clean. I had learned what to do because Harry never shut up about how skilled he was with his tounge. I went deeper and faster. Then she came like crazy. I smirked,"The things I can do to your body are crazy." After that Katie fell asleep in my arms.



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