1D Imagines

Just some imagines about 1D.


2. Birthday present

Harry's P.O.V

"Bye guys.",I said. "Where are you going now?",Liam asked. I replied,"To my girlfriends house to give her a birthday surprise." I left the house and headed over to Courtney's. I waited a while and then she finally came. I was laying on her bed with a smug look an my face. I was wearing my favorite outfit...NOTHING!! She walked into the room seeing my body made her moan. "Harry what are you gonna do?" "She baby I'm gonna give you a ride.", I replied.


—Warning 16+ if you still have a problem with dirty things I advise that you don't read!!!—


Courtney's P.O.V

I was shoved into the wall and my clothes were taken off very swiftly. Harry pulled me on top of him. He had his hands on my waist moving them up and down slowly and then faster. We both moaned in pleasure as we reached our climaxes and moaned each others names.


"That's enough for tonight babe but when we wake up you're getting my full length." He was so dirty. Harry fell asleep first, I fell asleep minutes after when I was listening to his heartbeat.

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