The Walking Dead; Love After All

Elizabeth Dixon has no idea how life works after the turn. all she knows is how to protect herself. how will she protect other people at a strange place when she only knows 3 people, Daryl her long lost uncle, rick the leader who trust her with anything, and carl who she cant understand her feelings about him.


2. Rescue and Return

I kick open the door and point the barrel of my AK at Tj's head.

"What the hell is going on here!" I yell

"Liz just leave. You don't know what this kids done to us." Said Tj as calmly as he could. I look over at the dude and he looks like he's traveled to hell and back seven times. Both of his eyes were swollen, blood dripping out of his nose and mouth, a huge bruise was on his cheek, his nose looked broke, and there was a big gash on his forehead. Even with the black eyes you could see that his eyes were blue.

"I know enough that your torturing him for no reason. Let him go." I said as I cocked my gun. As I cocked it, it looked like Tj shuddered. Is the big, bad, and brave Tj scared of a 14 year old girl.

"ELIZABETH! Stop this is enough. Put the gun down and leave me to my business!" Tj is yelling now. Now the kid with the blue eyes accutally looked at me since I got into the shed.

"Tj what happened? This used to be a welcoming camp for people. Now look at you! Blood is everywhere and this dudes about to cross the line of living and death!" And it was true. I have no idea how this guy is still breathing when bloods coming out of his mouth and nose being broken.

"You wanna know what happened? You happened." With that he swung around trying to knock the gun from my hold. But I was quicker and more trained than him. I ducked and his blow missed me and I kicked his legs out from under him and hit the butt of the gun on the soft spot of his neck. Hes not dead but just knocked out for a little while. I run over to the beaten guy.

"Are you okay? Where are the keys to the cuffs? Oh my god you nose. Im so sorry that Tj's being an-"

He broke me off and said, "Its fine." I raced over to him and looked at his forehead and his nose, which looked like he needed medical attention bad.

"Tj? Tj whats going on in her-" Cameron walked into the shed and saw Tj on the ground. I whipped out my gun as he was about to aim at me.

"Im so sorry Cameron." I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. I heard a body fall before I turned back to the dude. He was pointing at Tj.

"Yes hes not going to wake up till tomorrow. Where are the keys?!"

Still pointing at Tj he mouthed "key". I look at Tj and go into his back pocket and pull out the hand cuff keys. I unlock him and drag him out of the shed towards Ginger. "Can you ride a horse?" I ask frantically looking around as I help him mount the horse. He nodded slowly. Just then gunfire started to erupt. I look and see the guards yelling and firing at me. "Go! Get out of here!" I yell at him.

"What about you, I cant just leave you to die!" He managed to choke out.

"I'll be fine now go!" I point in a clear direction and smack Ginger so she'll go. Ginger runs off with the guy on a death grip. I turn back around to the guards firing at me. I jump into cover and reload my AK. I turn around and hold down the trigger. Within seconds 3 guards are down.

I turn back around and find that I ran out of ammo on my AK. The rest of my ammo is in my duffel which is on Ginger. I ditch the gun and pull out my glocks. Firing both at one time, 2 more guards are down. I make a run for the path that Ginger was heading.

I feel a sharp pain in my thigh. I look down and I been shot. Bloods going everywhere. I limp to a nearby tree and apply some pressure. I whip around and start to fire back at the guards. Then I hear a trampling. I turn around and Gingers back I look higher and find the beaten dude.

"Hop on! We don't have much time!" He reaches out a hand to me. I grab it and he pulls me onto the horse.

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