The Walking Dead; Love After All

Elizabeth Dixon has no idea how life works after the turn. all she knows is how to protect herself. how will she protect other people at a strange place when she only knows 3 people, Daryl her long lost uncle, rick the leader who trust her with anything, and carl who she cant understand her feelings about him.


1. Before the Rescue

My name is Elizabeth. I was only in 3rd grade when all this started. Its only ever been my mother, my cousin Tj (who has always been like a brother to me), and me. I never met my dad but I still have to use his last name, Dixon. My mother said he is an illegal drug dealer who spends half his time in jail and the other half drunk. Im 14 now. My mother was bit right in front of me 2 years ago and I had to be the one to put her down. The day she was bit was the day before my birthday.

Tj started this camp after that. We take in strong and helpful people. Im Tj's "vice president" so I know anything and everything that goes on in this camp, maybe even more than Tj. We have fences that surround us, guards that protect us, and here we all have a place to call home. My home is at Camp Kings.

Although it might be real safe here, I still am heavy loaded with guns and knife. And secretly I teach some of the kids how to protect themselves out beyond the camp.

"We have fences and walls and you still sleep with knifes at handy and your clips fully loaded. Do you not trust me Liz?" Tj complains.

"I cant afford to trust anyone or thing anymore. Not after mom." I say. He just stays silent. We have this conversation almost daily.

I have a machete, 3 pocket knifes, 2 glocks, and a AK-47 hidden in my room. I always wear a pair of leather leggings so I can move easily, tang tops, and my black combat boots. I keep my glocks in my holsters at my knees on my left and right, My knifes are where ever nobody can see them, and my machete at my waist. Under my bed I have an emergency duffel full of ammo, some winter clothes, some canned food, and my leather jacket. I always know that if something happens I have my emergency duffel.

"Hey Liz. I don't know whats going on in the shed on the south wall." Said Cameron. He is one of the new guards here. "I keep hearing yelling and crashing in there, you might wanna go check it out."

"Okay. I think Tj's over there anyway. Thanks for telling me." He nodded and walked off.

When I got over there I heard some metal crashing into metal. I headed over to the windows to peek at whats going on when I see a puddle of blood under the door. I look through the window and see a guy my age handcuffed to a chair with his head hanging low and blood dripping off his nose. He had brown hair, blood stained plaid shirt, blue jeans with little blood on them, and scuffed up boots. With the angle im in I cant exactly see his face but I know its bruised up and cuts everywhere.

"Huh? Wheres your camp kid?" Tj said. He waited a moment before punching him again. "You seemed in nice shape when we found you on the side of the road. So wheres your camp!?" Tj struck him again.

I knew somethings not right. Tj's acting like he has no mercy and that guy doesn't seem like he did anything wrong. I trusted my gut to tell me to get the beaten dude out of here and to a safe place before Tj kills him.

I dash to my room and grab my AK and my duffel. I start to run back to the shed but I stop at the stables and grab Ginger the horse knowing that this guy was in no condition to run. I tie Ginger up to a nearby tree branch before walking up to the door.

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