Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Elizabeth Phillips isn't you average 17 year old girl. She doesn't obsess over the latest trends or the most popular boy band in the world, One Direction. Her life is focused on dance. She's been home schooled all her life, so she could concentrate more on dance. But her 14 year old sister on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She goes to public school, she's social, and she obsesses over One Direction. Elizabeth despises them. But when her sister's idols stummble into her dance studio, everything changes. Despite the fact that Elizabeth can't stand them, Harry has a different perspective. Will Elizabeth's opinion about the boys change? Will she fall for one of them? Or will hate take over her mind? Find out in Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fanfiction).


4. Impressions

I woke up to the sun light peaking through the windows of Harry's bedroom. Last night after a while of arguing, he persuaded me to sleep in his bed and he slept on the couch.

I looked over to the bed side table where the clock was. It read: 8:37am. Shit. I need to be at dance by 9:00am. I rushed out of bed and to my bag to grab my dance clothes. I quickly changed then rushed out to the living room.

"Harry you gotta g-" I started saying before I was interrupted.

"Get up? Already am, babe." Harry smirked as he walked out of the bathroom. I glared at him.

"Sorry." he chuckled.

"Well, let's go. I can't be late." I stated grabbing my things. Harry and I headed out to his car and headed to the studio.

Once we got there I rushed in.

"Ms. Phillips, you're late." Dani scorned.

"Sorry. I u-uh slept late." I said pulling on my pointe shoes. Harry walked in with the rest of the lads right as I stood up. Since it was my private today, I was the only one they were watching.

"Alright, warm up your ankles." She instructed. I started doing stretches and sautes.

"Okay, let's run through your dance once. Then I'll leave you to working on it, since I have another private today." She stated walking over to the stereo.

"With who?" I asked while getting into position.

"Becca. You're competing against her at the next competition with you're contemporary solo." She said before starting my music. A Thousand Years started playing, and I danced. Slowly as the song ended, I saw the guys in awe.

"That was beautiful, Elizabeth. Keep practicing. Make sure to run all your other dances as well." Dani smiled before exiting the room.

"That was amazing!" Harry stated.

"Thanks, shouldn't you guys go watch Becca too." I questioned.

"Nah, we'd rather watch you dance." Louis laughed. I nodded then sat down to take my pointe shoes off.

"So how many dances do you have in your competition?" Liam asked.

"Erm, 8 I believe." I said as I slipped on my foot undies (dance shoes).

"Wow. How do you remember all of them?" Harry asked.

"It's just like memorizing a song. Practice makes perfect right?" I smiled while standing up.

"True." He nods. I started to stretch my splits.

"I see you're showing off to the guys." Becca retorted while walking in.

"Shouldn't you be in your private Becca." I snapped.

"Oh shut up Liz. You know I'm gonna beat you next weekend, whether I practice or not." She smirked.

"Really, because you haven't in the past 2 years." I snapped and the guys 'Ooooed'

"Just watch out Liz. By the end of the week, I'm gonna be Dani's favorite." She snapped then walked out of the room while winking at the guys.

"What is her problem?" Harry asked.

"She's probably my biggest competition. But she never sets her mind to it, so I always win." I shrugged.

"Well, she seems pretty determined." Zayn huffed.

"Yeah, well whatever. Do one of you mind pushing my leg." I said standing against the wall.

"I'll do it." Harry smiled gladly. He took my leg and started pushing it towards my head.

"You can push more." I said. Harry did as told stepping closer to me.

"More." I said looking up.

"I don't want to hurt you." he said concerned.

"It's fine. You won't." I pursed my lips together. He did as told and got even closer to me. Our faces were centimeters apart.

"More." I said again and Harry got closer. I got butterflies in my stomach. Why?! I don't like him... Do I?

"More." I whispered not even realizing I said it. He rested his forhead on mine. My heart was racing. I swallowed hard.

"Are you two just going to have sex right here?" Louis laughed. Harry pulled back and I lowered my leg.

"Sorry." Harry and I mummbled.

"Erm, do you need to do the other leg?" Harry asked scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"N-no. It's fine. I can do it myself." I stuttered and started to stretch my other leg.

"We're gonna go watch the other dancers that just arrived." Louis stated and him, Niall, Liam, and Zayn walked out.

"Erm, Elizabeth? I was wondering if you'd like to go out tonight?" Harry asked.

"Not as a date, but to show you I'm not like very other celebrity." He continued.

"Okay. Erm, do you mind bringing me home after class so I can change?" I said plugging in my phone to the stereo to play my acro song. He nodded and I continued to practice.

~~~3 hours later~~~ 

"Damn. You're an amazing dancer." Liam said stunned as him and the guys clapped after I finished my acro routine. 

"Thanks." I smiled softly. "It was terrible though." I mummbled tha last part hoping no one heard me.

"Well, you ready to go?" Harry asked as I pulled on my shoes. I nodded and grabbed my bag and followed him to his car. We drove in silence to my house. 

"You can wait in the living room, while I go freshen up and change." I said to Harry then ran upstairs to my bathroom. I took a quick body shower, then headed to my closet to get dressed. I through on a cream colored sweater, with black leggins and brown booties. I through my hair up in a bun and headed downstairs. 

"Ready." I stated. 

"So where are we going?" I asked as we hopped into the car. 

"Somewhere to show you the real me." Harry smirked. I rolled my eyes. It was probably some hot shot party. We pulled out of my drive way and drove down the road. We eventually pulled into a space along the sidewalk. I looked around, there were no clubs around. A few apartment buildings were along the side walk but that's it.

"Where are we going?" I asked getting out of the car, along with Harry. 

"The park." He smiled. I was shocked. Honestly, I loved the park. It was my escape, along with dance. We carefully crossed the street. 

"So what are we doing here?" I asked walking along the path through the park. 

"I thought we could get to know each other better." He shrugged. 

"Okay. What do you wanna know?" I questioned. 

"Alright, 20 questions. When did you start dancing?" He asked pushing his hands in his pockets as we walked. 

"I was 3. I still remember my first recital." I smiled at the memories. Harry looked over at me and smiled. 

"When did you realize you wanted to be a singer?" I asked looking over at him as we walked through the park. 

"Well, when I was little I use to sing to my mum and sister all the time. In high school I was the singer in a band. I think after my first performance, it made me realize how much I enjoyed entertaining people and I wanted to be a singer." he smiled. 

We spent the next 10 minutes asking each other questions. To tell you the truth Harry was starting to grow on me. He wasn't the guy I thought he was. Or the guy that I first met. 

"So, last question." Harry smirked at me after he stopped walking and I faced him. 

"What's your impression of me know?" He smirked. I looked down at my shoes, bit my lip, and thought for a momment. 

"You're okay." I smirked. 

"Mhmm, sure." He chuckled. "Really, though. Tell me." 

"You're different. A good different. You're not a complete asshole like I thought you were." I giggle a little. 

"So you wouldn't mind if I did this." He smirks before pulling me in for a kiss. His lips touched mind every so softly. I felt shivers got down my spine, but I couldn't stop myself from kissing back. Thoughts kept racing though my mind. Do I have feelings for Harry? Why am I doing this? I liked it. That's why. I felt a tear slip down my cheek. I pulled away. 

"I have to go." I stated bluntly then ran out of the park rushing to hail a taxi. I looked back as A taxi stopped at the side walk. I saw Harry. He looked angry, upset, and hurt. He kicked a trash bin. That's when I hopped into the taxi. 

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