Demigods and wizards combine! Yay!


1. chapter I

Chapter 1

"Dumbledore? What are you doing here?" Chiron asked the old man on August 18, percy Jackson's eighteenth birthday.

"We need your seven strongest demigods. This year, my school is in danger and we need your strongest forces to protect my school. I'm afraid that my time will end by the end of the year."dumbledore sighed.

"That's terrible but very well." Chiron answered and summoned the seven of the prophecy. "Percy, go to camp jupiter and get jason. He is the only one missing." Chiron replied.

"How do I do that Chiron?" Percy asked sleepily.

"Gods percy! It's eleven am! What were you doing, sleeping?" Annabeth scolded and percy shrugged. Then he nodded and he ran out. The old man watched as he disappeared in the water and came back with a soaking wet boy who instantly dried.

"Jason is here. And now Octavian has broken my eardrums. Something about not having a teddy bear and barging into camp you filthy Greek." Percy came in still without a shirt. Jason was wearing a toga but he quickly took it off.

"Let me go to my cabin. Get a shirt." Percy mumbled and he ran off. He came back with a white shirt inside out.

"Now, you seven are going to hogwarts, for wizards and witches and protecting the school. You will pretend to be ordinary kids and monsters will not get into hogwarts. I will make sure of it. When someone figures out your identity you may tell the school but until them, you are wizards and witches who went to a school in America. Hecate has granted you so you are magical for the year." Chiron exclaimed and galloped off. Probably to play pinochle with mr. D.

Suddenly the seven were squeezed through a tube and landed in a street full of wizards and witches.

Percy stood up but collided with someone and fell down. Clumsy.

"Hi! I'm hermione, hermione granger." The girl announced holding a book. She looked about sixteen and looked like a child of Athena but she wasn't as she was British and didn't seem to have any type of aura or grey eyes.

"Percy Jackson. We are new and was wondering if you could help us get our supplies." Percy replied and shook his head.

"Sure. You look a little old to be attending hogwarts. How old are you?" She asked.

"I'm um, sixteen?" Percy asked but the girl raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

"Hermione! You can't go running of like that!" A ginger yelled running towards hermione.

"Ronald, you don't own me!" Hermione rolled her eyes annoyed.

"Um who are they?" Ron asked confused.

"That's percy Jackson. He says he's sixteen but he looks older." Hermione replied eying them suspiciously.

"Just stay away from her!" Ron yelled.

"I'm very capable at protecting myself. Come percy, I'll show you around. You guys can come too!" Hermione exclaimed and motioned for the demigods to follow her.

Ron muttered something about bring stuck up and percy reached for his pocket before annabeth stopped him.

"Percy! Minotaur at nine o'clock." Annabeth whispered.

"You guys get the mortals out and me and annabeth will take care of the Minotaur," percy hissed and the five nodded. They ushered the wizards into an alley but hermione stayed.

"Jason!" Percy cried and jason led hermione away.

Percy uncapped his pen and annabeth took out her dagger. In minutes the Minotaur was gone but that didn't stop a mortal from seeing.

A blonde haired boy had saw them and had stopped right in his tracks.

"Wait, is that draco from the Hermes cabin?" Annabeth exclaimed.

"I think it is." Percy nodded and walked towards the boy when a blonde haired girl jumped in front of him.

"Percy! Annabeth! You can't talk to him. That is going to cause suspicion." The blonde hissed.

"Luna?" Percy asked.

"Yeah." Luna lovegood replied, daughter of Athena.

"I haven't seen you since last summer!" Percy cried and hugged her.

"Percy it's fine but draco saw you guys. He is going to know that you're here. It's not a bad thing it's just that he's the only boy demigod there so you have to talk to him in secret." Luna exclaimed.

"Sure but if he pranks me again he's gonna end up back at camp half blood in his cabin wearing only his underwear!" Percy hissed.

"Hermiones coming. I have to leave." Luna whispered and she ran off.

"Percy! Annabeth!" Piper cried coming into view the streets flooded with people once again. Percy had enough time to send draco a smile before he disappeared in the crowd of people.

Oh Styx. Hermione caught him smiling.

"What are you smiling at?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"I was reliving a moment in my life and it was Happy moment so I smiled." Percy shrugged

"I saw you talking to loony lovegood. She's a little insane so you should stay away from her." Ron advised walking towards them.

Percy and annabeth visibly were clenching their fists. Of looks could kill, Ron would be dead in a second.

"What's your problem?" Ron asked nervously.

"Percy! Snap out of it! Gods your annoying! I um, I'm not jason? No that wouldn't work. Oh Styx. More people. I um, someone is hitting on annabeth!" Jason exclaimed.

Percy was taken out of his trance and so was annabeth. Percy glared at jason and he shuddered.

"Luna is out friend. Say that again and I will make sure you leave the world the hard way!" Percy growled and Ron back away. Percy was wandering away when someone walked into him.

"Hey watch where your go- oh." Malfoy said and sent a small smile his was but percy just winked and malfoy understood. It wasn't real.

"Watch where your going next time!" Percy growled and you could basically see the smile playing at his lips.

Malfoy pretended to whimper and he tripped over his own feet and ran away. When he looked back percy winked and malfoy nodded.

"How did you do that? He's so full of himself!" Hermione wondered.

"Easy target?" Percy asked and grabbed annabeth and bumped into someone else.

This time, this guy wasn't someone they knew. He looked like percy. But not quite.

"Hi I'm percy Jackson." Percy greeted but shook with his left arm.

"Harry potter." He cringed as if they would react strangely. They did but not in the way he expected. The two looked at eachother and started laughing.

"Sorry harry. We just got reminded of someone at out old school." Percy apologized after shopping his laughter.

"Hey, I was wondering if you could show us to the pet store?" Annabeth wondered and harry nodded.

Annabeth and percy followed harry to the store and instantly as percy walked in, owls attacked him.

"Oh Styx." Percy muttered and looked at the owls. He glared at them and he glared back. But suddenly annabeth demanded them to go away and they did but there was an owl in the back which didn't move.

It had grey fur like Annabeths eyes and sea green eyes like Percy's. Percy bought it and you can guess what he named it.

"I am naming her wise girl." Percy smiled.

Annabeth had bought an owl too. It had black hair like Percy's hair and grey eyes.

"I'm calling him seaweed brain." Annabeth grinned and percy bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

"I hate it that your taller then me." Annabeth muttered.

"Well I hated it when you were taller then me for like four years so deal with it." Percy stick his tongue out and teased.

"Percy! Do I get a kiss too?" Leo mocked making kissing faces behind him.

Percy shoved Leo and punched him.

"No need to do that." Leo pouted rubbing his shoulder.

"That's what you get." Percy shrugged and skipped away with annabeth.

"Hermione!" Percy screamed as she turned to leave with the weasleys.

All of the red heads and Harry turned to look at him.

"Yes." Hermione answered.

"We don't have a place to stay." Percy told the girl and then the lady piped up.

"Nonsense! You can come stay with us!"

"Thank you mrs." Annabeth trailed off.

"Molly wealsey." Molly said cheerfully loking at the couple.

"Yo! Jason! Get the rest Over here!" Percy yelled to his cousin.

"You got it perce!" Jason screamed back.

Percy have hims thumbs up and in seconds Leo and jason were next to percy.

"Where are the rest?" Annabeth questioned.

"Oh they are um at the um, piper and frank and hazel? They um needed a book. They should be here in a second." Jason replied trying to Remember what piper had said.

"Were here. Whoa. Who's that?" Piper exclaimed.

"That is jason." Leo smirked

"I know that I'm asking who he is!" Piper snapped pointing to over Jason's head.

"Oh that's just, a person." Percy replied squinting.

Percy looked back but he was gone.

"What the hades? He was there a minute ago!" Percy exclaimed.

"I know kelp head now shut up." Annabeth crossed her arms at the boy.

"Oh come on! You're supposed to call me seaweed brain, Thalia's supposed to call me kelp head, and nico and everyone else call me something that I don't know!" Percy whined at the use of his nickname by his cousin.

"Just shut up." Jason insisted.

"You shut up sparky." Percy retorted playfully.

Jason glared and so did percy and they would've been at it for hours if the others didn't cut in.

"We would like to go elsewhere if you're done glaring." Leo whined.

"Oh shut the hades up repair boy. We were just getting started." Percy and jason spat playfully.

"Oh come on! Let's not do this here!" Hazel cried and crossed her arms.

"Yes hazel." The three boys muttered and hung their heads.

"Let's go kids." Mrs. Wealsey said and the seven nodded.

The lady grabbed the seven kids and turned on the spot.

They were sucked into a tube and couldn't breathe at all.

Percy gasped for breath and looked up. He saw a lopsided house and saw that it was very tall.

"Percy." A voice whispered in his ear.

He turned and saw annabeth tugging on his arm as the others walked towards the door.

Percy laced his hands with his girlfriends and walked towards the house lugging all of the books and supplies that the two had bought with ease. The reached the house and percy couldn't help but gasp. It was full of things doing things by itself.

Annabeth pulled him towards the others and he followed staring at her.

They reached the others to realize that the black haired boy was staring at him. Percy looked away and saw hermione and Ron staring at him. He looked at the floor and suddenly became interested with his shoes.

Then he became very jumpy and started hopping up and down. He saw Leo doing he same and he was bouncing on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Ron demanded.

"I'm ADHD!" Leo and percy shouted and started jumping up and down.

"Come on annabeth!" Percy whined tugging on her sleeve revealing his tattoo but no one saw.

Come on. Percy thought but then he saw something flying outside. It wasn't flying just lying. A lake.

"Let's go swim!" Percy cried jumping up and down.

"I don't know. It's freezing in the lake." Harry replied uncertainly.

"That's fine! Let's go wise girl!" Percy yelled now probably having a sugar high.

"Who gave them sugar?" Annabeth asked.

Hazel guiltily raised her hand.

"His puppy dog eyes are so hard to resist!" She insisted and all the demigods shrugged.

"Percy. Percy. PERSEUS JACKSON YOU LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW!" Annabeth shouted.

"Jeez. What." Percy groaned.

"Um, swim?" Annabeth suggested and percy nodded.

He ran outside and jumped into the lake and came back up minutes later.

"He's mental. Bloody mental." Ron muttered.

"We know but we like to call it seaweed brain and ADHD." Jason answered while Ron's ears turned bright red.

"Are you going to join me or what?" Percy called out to them.

"Fine. Be like that!" Percy pouted and got out of the star and trudged back to the house.

"No! I will not do that!" Percy yelled at the lake.

"Stupid fish. always wanting some friends." Percy muttered as he walked back to the house.

But he was stopped before he reached the door.

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