Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


7. Movie Poptart Night!-Morganna

"Hey!" Dani shouts as she walks in,

"Hi, soooooooo." I say as I grab out a poptart.






"Watcha Want to do?" I ask,

"Watch a movie, and eat poptarts?" Dani responds.

"You know it!" I say as I grab movies from the shelf. 

"Ok, you want to do watch "Pitch Perfect" or "Black Swan" or "Dance School" marathon!" I say looking at the movies I have in my hand.

"That's a tricky one... How bout "Dance School" marathon!" Dani shouts as she eats a poptart.


*Skip to morning*

"Oh my gosh! It's 5:00 A.M you gotta leave before Dakeetah comes or notices you!" I whisper shout into her ear.

"Ok, just let me grab my stuff and I'll go, text you later!" She whisper shouts in my ear.

I grab a pillow and the blanket and put it on me and try to sleep. I wake up at 12:00, "Dakeeta! You there!." I shout into the empty space that is my house. No response. "Where is Dakeeta?" I think to myself, well I guess I'll go over to Dani's house.

Hey Dani, can I come over?-Morganna

Sure bring some poptarts-Dani

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