Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


3. Hold me-Morganna

After my Diver test, (And yes I passed) I call a taxi to take me home, as I walked inside I grabed a piece of cake and went upstairs to my room.

I open the notepad book on my mac  and started to write a song...

You hold me on for so long, it's hard let go.

Would you let me escape into the real world.

No matter what you say, I can always let go.

But hold tight for this moment, I want it to last.

Don't let me go, but let me escape.

To the real world, to the real world, Oh.

Hold me but let me escape! Oh, no.

There's only one way we could,

but you have to let me go! Oh, oh.

oh, oh, wo oh oh, let me go.

"Nice song sis... I don't understand why you don't sing?" My sister surprises me.

"Oh, um dancing, instruments, acting, and writing are my thing..." I respond,

"Come on sis, you gotta finish this then record it with me!" she tells me,

"Ok... But what if I'm bad? What if-" my sister cuts me off.

"Your great Morganna. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise." Dakeetah tells me. She always knows the right words.

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