Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


4. Bullseye- Dakeetah

I walked in on my sister singing. She is better than people think. She was singing a song she wrote. Here's the thing about us, we get along almost all the time. She can play any instrument, except drums. I can play guitar and that's it! I couldn't play the piano to save my life.  She wanted to teach me piano, but instead I taught her guitar, and in return, she helps with songs. We both got our licences and mom and dad have a deal with a dealership, everything is signed and ready to go, we just go pick the cars. Our parents are rich, but never home. I called a taxi and we got in and headed to the dealership, 

"Excited?" I asked

"Yea. But I wish our parents were here." She replied. I gave her a hug. When we got to the dealer, we went in and showed the person our ID. She did something in the computer and told us to pick a car. After about an hour, Morganna chose red E-Class Sedan. I got something different. My sister forbid me to get a truck, so that's out, so I decided I might as well go for a win. I chose a yellow and black 2014 Camaro Concept. 

"Oh please say you-" she started, but I cut her off

"I GOT FRICKING BUMBLEBEE!!!!!" I yelled. She isn't the biggest fan of Transformers, but I love them.

when we got back, I drove to the mall. I knew Morganna would be on Movellas, so I didn't invite her. But when I got there, Chase saw me from inside and ran out. "Hey!" I smiled and tried to walk into the mall,

"hey! DONT GO IN!" He yelled

"what? Why?" I asked

"umm, I wanna talk to you. How was scaring your sister?" He asked

"nice try." I turned around and hated what I saw. I crumbled to the ground and cried. Then I felt arms around me. 

" I didn't want to ruin your day, I was gonna tell you tomorrow." He said. I looked at my best friend. So sweet. So caring. Unlike Justin. "Hey Chase, will you come somewhere with me?" I ask. He didn't hesitate and agreed. I drove for an hour until I got where I ended to let my anger out. I walk in the building and show my membership card. "What is this place?" Chase asks me.

"don't ask. You'll see." I handed him safety goggles. "Put them on." I said. He did as I said. I passed him a gun and we started shooting targets. Bullseye.

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