The runaways

''Who are you?'' I asked. He smiled. ''Landon.'' He said. ''Why are you here?'' I asked.
''To be free.'' He said. ''Why are you here?'' He asked me. I looked at the lake. ''To get away from the pressure.'' I said.

I never thought the one boy that use to taunt me when I was little would end up being my only ticket to freedom. But as I look at him beside me, I have a feeling that of won't be easy.


2. Chapter two.

''Hey Izzy.'' I said an took her hand. ''I got in trouble with the old man again, I am seriously thinking about that idea you had.'' I said and looked at her. Her mom must've came in and brushed her long black hair. ''You know I can listen to you for once and leave, or I could stay here and wait for you.'' I said. I looked at her face and thought I saw something in the corner of my eye. Her left index finger twitched toward the door. I sighed.

''You won't wake up but you can tell me to leave.'' I mumbled. I got up and bumped into Sarah, Izzy's nurse. ''Where you going Landon?'' She asked. ''I'm going back to my house in england to get some things, if she wakes up before I get back, tell her I'm finally gonna listen.'' I said and left the room. I went to my car and tried to see how much time I have left.

I have one hour to get home before dad does. I started the car and went to the house. I went upstairs with my shoes still on and grabbed my bag full of clothes and shoes and my iPod. I heard the door close. I went downstairs and saw my drunk and high father lock the door. ''Hey dad.'' I said. He looked at me and slurred,the words, ''Where have you been?'' I looked at him. ''I went to visit Kayla.'' I said. He shook his head ''I didn't see you.'' He said. 

''I visited first then I went to go see Izzy.'' I said. ''I told you not to go see her.'' He slurred. That's when he noticed the bag. ''What is in their?'' He asked.I shook my head and answered, ''nothing, just some clothes and a toothbrush, remember I told you I was gonna go see my old Budds.'' I said. He tried to hit me but I dodged and ran out the door. 

I was at the park and saw the bridge. My cheek was starting to hurt from this morning. I was about to head out to seek my freedom when a girl came out of the trees breathing hard. ''Are you ok?'' I asked. She looked up.

Now as I think about it. I really wished I had brought another pair of sneakers.

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