Just Another Number

Do you every imagine what the world would've been like if Hitler won World War 2? Well I'm living in that world. Everything was the same and I hated it. I was just another number until I met him and then my whole world was flipped upside down. He made me realize that the way we lived wasn't the only way to life and that the two of us would change it. I risked it all to try to change the way of the world.


1. Prologue

They're always watching. We never get a break from their eyes. We can't speak our thoguhts of even out of place in fear of Big Brother hearing us and taking us away. Ever heard of the saying "Children should only speak when spoken to"? Well, that's what we go by. But instead of just children, it's everyone. We don't smile, laugh, or cry. In fact showing emotion is illegal. We can't even love who we chose. The government does that for us by pairing us with our 'perfect match'. We dress the same, all in grey, just like our personalilties. Not only do we dress the same, but we all have to same government issued name. For the girls, like me, that name would be Lillian, and for the boys that would be Jase. The only thing different about us was our last names. After Hitler won World War 2 the Aryan Race was created, everyone having blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a round face. The girls looked like clones and the same could be said for the boys. Anything that could be different about us does not exist. They boys were all scrwany and the girls looked like twigs.

I was currenly sitting through a lecture at school about how our governmet came to be. I sat next to Lillain Kayser and Lillian Tool. My name was Lillian Grace. The bell in class didn't ring fast enough for me but once it did I slowly rose from my seat at the same rate as everyone around me and picked up the slow pace we all had to exit the building and head to the next wing.

I was just passing the large oak tree located by the exit of the building when I sensed something was off. I looked around quickly so no one would notice. I was about to face forward again when my eyes landed on it. Or should I say him . He was different, I just knew it. He was a little taller, his hair a little darker, and his eyes were light blue instead of dark. I was taught from a young age to shun all who were different and that they governemt would take care of it. I never really saw anyone who was different so I knew that once the government found out about them they were killed. I wanted to shun this boy. I truly did. But I couldn't. Something in my mind was telling me to get to know him. I, at only 16, was about to go against everything I was ever taught, and that could possibly be one of the most dangerous things I would ever do.


Author's Note:

Hi everyone! I'm not quitting on my other story "Too Late", which by the way you should go read if you haven't!! This idea popped in my head a while ago(as in June) and I've been playing around with it. This is finally what I was trying to go for and I'm happy with this start. The same rukes apply for this book as my others, 5 likes and 5 comments for a new chapter! Not trying to make it take longer for me to update but only making sure that there are actually people reading this story. Anyway... don't forget to like, comment, favorite to know when I update next and become a fan!


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