Im zayn's sister?!

15 year old holly finds that her whole life was a lie. Her real name is Malik yes she is the sister of Zayn Malik. Read to find out how theirs lives turn around!


5. the ride there

When we got the the airport I was going to get our tickets but they stopped me and laughed "Holly you have many things to learn" and started walking to there privet jet! I followed them until we got mobbed by fans and popperzzi the fan shoved me to the side and I got lost until one of the bodyguards found me and lead the way.

Once I got on the jet the group hugged me and said "there you are we thought you got lost or kidnapped!"

"Can't...Breath.....too stro...nge!" I gasped out.

"Sorry" Niall said with a peck on the cheeks while I blushed. We found our seats Niall and Liam sat together, Louis and Harry sat together and then me and Zayn sat together.

/6 hours later/!

Finally the flight ended! I was the last one off the jet because the boys said they had a surprise for me. When I got off I saw a limo, I never been in a limo before! The boys put my stuff in the trunk and told me to wait in the car, so I did what they said (because I was afraid of what they might do when they get mad!)

/A little bit later/

The boys piled in and sat around me as they talked and sang. I wasn't listing because I had my earphones in and was playing on my phone.

/45 minuets later/

I fell asleep during the ride, but I woke up when I felt the car stop. I flittered my eyes open to see a HUGE mansion! I was shocked, the boys just watched me and laughed there asses off at me expression. We walked in side and the showed me around, the last thing they showed me was my room, It was about 4x my room at my house in America!

"Dinner is at 6:00pm so that will be enough time to get you some what settled in and we all expect you to be there on time got it?" I nod my head "ok I'll let you get started" he kissed my forehead and I srunched up my face then he left. I looked at my phone and it said it was 3:30 so that meant I have two and a half hours to get settled in before dinner. / 2 hours and 31 minuets later/ I lost track of time until I looked at my phone "OH CRAP IM LATE" I ran down stairs and rushed into the kitchen. They looked mad. "I'm soooo sorry I'm late I lost track of time and at least I acculy made it to dinner?" I gave them a small smile, but it didn't work. "Your fine since it's your first day here but next time" I cut him off " I won't happen again" Liam gestured towards the food and them we ate.

/20 minuets later/

We finished dinner so I head up stairs to take a shower. " where are ye going miss" Niall gustured to come towards him.

I walk slowly and said" to go up and take a shower" with a hint if sarcasm. "Ok go a head but always tell us where your going." I nod a head up stairs

/20 minuets later/

I came down stairs and see they boys watching a soccer match (or football) "so who's winning?" They all turn their heads and look at me like I did something weird? "Your into football?" I laughed "heck ya I played since I was 4!" I walked to the couch until Harry pulled me down on his lap. "Dammit Harry let me go!"

"I was until you broke the 4th rule no cussing." I sat there until the boys went to bed Which was 10:30. I decided to watch some family guy until 11:30 then I went to bed.

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