Im zayn's sister?!

15 year old holly finds that her whole life was a lie. Her real name is Malik yes she is the sister of Zayn Malik. Read to find out how theirs lives turn around!


16. The plan, the abuse, and the escape

A/N- sorry I haven't updated in awhile I been busy, school, and other crap! I will try to update everyday or every other day!

//recap// Holly get kidnaped by Luke her ex-boyfriend and no one knows about it

//Holly's P.O.V//

It was dark and cold I couldn't see anything. "Lunch time!" Shit I know that voice! It was Luke! I been 3 days since he kidnaped me. He keeps on abusing me (I'm not going to go in detail it might gross some of you out.) he turns on the light. I never knew how bright something could be! "There you are my beautiful babe!" He lifted up my head and gave me a smile.

"I'm not hungry just leave it over there!" I broke contact with him and looked down.

"You haven't ate for 2 days you have to eat or I'll make you eat! Be a good girl and I'll let you live upstairs instead of down here! Do you want to stay down here?" I quickly shook my head. "Good now eat." I finished the plate while he watched me.

"Happy now?!" He nodded and lead me upstairs.

"Go take a shower and meet me down here after your done." He handed me clothes and I did what he said. I walk down stairs and Luke hugs me from behind. "You smell nice!" He left a trail of kisses on my neck.

"Luke stop!" I pulled away from him.

"Your mine now! I can do anything I want and if you don't listen your going back down to the basement." I looked down. "That's what I thought."

"What does this prove?!" He thought for a moment. "Exactly it proves nothing! Let me leave!" I was about to go, but he pulled me back.

"You can't leave your brother owes me something for 2 years. And I need you here." He was looking me dead in the eye.

"So all I am to you is ransom? Nothing else! IM NOT YOUR TOY IM NOT ANYONE'S TOY NO ONE DECIDES WHAT I DO OR SAY!" At this point I was pissed. I stormed upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom.

//3 hours later//

I woke up to a huge crash in the kitchen. I jumped up. Where was I? Wait I was on the couch in Luke's living room, how did I get down here? Oh well. I walk in the kitchen I see Luke busy cooking. This is my chance since he's busy I can leave! I pack my bag (just a pair of pants flip flops and a "Santan's kid" shirt) I jump out of the window and go to my secrete treehouse. It's in London'd biggest park I knew the owner and he let me build my hideout there. I looked through my bag and I found my phone! I quickly called Zayn.

//Zayn's P.O.V//

It been 4 days since Holly left. It was around 6:27 that I gotten a phone call, IT WAS HOLLY! "Hello Zayn it's Holly?" She sounded scared and tired.

"Holly is that really you? Where have you been? Are you ok? What happen, we've been worried sick about you?!" I was so happy to hear her voice again.

"I'm fine I'll tell you everything when I get home. Can you pick me up I'm at the big park in the 5th to the right tree and come quick! Please I think he's coming!" I hung up and drove as quickly as I could.

//Niall's P.O.V//

Holly been gone for 4 days now. I been locked in my room, I haven't done anything except pray and pace in my room. The boys have tried everything, but failed. Finally they gave up and left me alone.

A/N- So how is everyone liking this chapter? Huh?! What do you think goin to happen? It's too bad I'm not telling you so READ. FOR. MOREEE

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