Im zayn's sister?!

15 year old holly finds that her whole life was a lie. Her real name is Malik yes she is the sister of Zayn Malik. Read to find out how theirs lives turn around!


6. the interview

I woke up and went down stairs to get a drink and searched everywhere for a cup until I found one, I poured some milk in there and chugged it down. Zayn came down stairs in his boxers only. I covered my eyes"PLEASE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!" I started blushing like crazy

"I do and your lucky I'm acculy wearing boxer." After he said that he had a smirk on his face

"GODSH THAT IS FUC....FUGING GROSS!" I walked away but he pulled me into a hug.

"Get off I didn't cuss so why am i being punished" he laughed "1) you almost did and 2) it's called a hug."

"1) I almost cussed and 2) it's a hug with clothes on it punish meant with only boxers on." I stated mocking him.

"Go get dressed we have an interview to go to." I walk up stairs and close the door so no one walks in. I put my hair in a ponytail with "we are a fallen angel" shirt with short-shorts and converse.

I walk down stairs just in time to go. We pile in the car and the boys go over the plan we fans "attack." "1) keep your head low 2) don't talk to anyone 3) stay in the middle of all of us. Got it?" I nod then we arrive to the interview place.

I put in my earphones and kept my head low as we entered the building. The boys sat on the couch while I sat on zayn's lap.

"Holly take out your earphones they will ask you questions too and make sure you act sweet and innocent." I laughed

"Me act sweet and innocent! Do you not see what I'm wearing this says dangerous and doesn't give a fuck!" He faked a cough so I see what I said "it's true and there's no other way of saying it!"

"Give me your phone you lost it for today!" He looked seirous

"No way your not getting my phone!" He grabbed it and put it in his pants. "I hate you" I sneered.

"You promised to live by my rules. Now act nice and happy because we are starting." I put on my fakest smile.

Interviewer- welcome to our show today! Our special guest today is ONE DIRECTION! Now Zayn I see you brought someone would you care to tell us about her?

Zayn- This is my little sister Holly. She is living with me and the boys.

Interviewer- when did you find out about the boys?

Me- A few days after I turned 15.

Interviewer- how is it to be living with the boys?

Me- it's different then what I'm use to like seeing them shirtless every morning and just being around 5 boys everyday.

Interviewer-boys how is like living with a girl and taking responsible action for her?

Niall- I have to say its a lot different then just us boys.

Harry- like what Niall said because we have to clean up and we can't do what we use to do and with the rules thing and punishment.

Interviewer- what do you mean by punishment?

Zayn- what we mean by punishment is like if she brakes on of the rules then we have to do something about that and we don't want to do the same thing over and over again.

Interviewer- oh! I see. Sorry that's all the time we have here! Great having you boys and holly here!

All of us- where greatful to be here goodbye!

*goes home*

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