The Celestial Staff

Lea Reclin has just given up her divine powers. After Lea decides that because she's given up her lineage she'd also give up the demigod life completely. The Fates, however, have a different plan in mind. Lea must collect the pieces of the Celestial Staff that have been scattered across the country. If she succeeds the Great Stirring will finally end, but if she fails....


24. 22-The Titans Make Their Final Plea

“Oh I know who you are,” I replied, “You’re the Titaness I’m going to kill today.”
She laughed Haughtily, “Mmmm, I actually think the roles will be reversed. You see I’ve been manipulating you from the start, I was the one who convinced the dumb goddess Nyx it was her time to shine, so that no one would notice me coming to form in the background. I’m only the Titaness of fame after all. What damage can I do? I always give out fame but now its time to get myself some of my own. I’m the one who put together a council of Titans, while the gods were busy worrying about the rivers of the underworld. Finally, I’m the one who’s gonna make you famous. You’re gonna be the demi-god who got so far only to fail!”
Then she lunged at me, the Eidolons flew at me with in a torrent of white. 
They knocked me over, sending me flying across the floor. 
“Lea!” exclaimed Nico. 
“Oh look, she brought her pet! Ehem, I mean sidekick’,” taunted Asia. Her scarlet lips curled into a smirk, displaying her perfect white teeth, they had slight fangs, just enough to be intimidating. Then her eyes widened, “I see you’ve already met my servants, since there’s one inside of you,” she crooned to Nico. 
“What?” I sputtered. 
Then Nico turned to me grinning malevolently. He turned his head like a machine, it was inhuman and terrifying. He seemed like a robot or a puppet following only the movements that Asia wished. 
His eyes were clouded over, fully white, nearly glowing. 
My mind flashed back to when I was on Mount Othrys the white light coming from my eyes when I couldn’t control my body. 
“You’re the one who made me drop the orb!” I yelled at her. I was furious, she’s the one who had caused such an inconvenience and emotional strife. It did make it so I gained a hot new friend but regardless. 
“What?” she said, “It’s not like I could just let those pathetic idiots be the only ones to stand guard.”
I remembered the mirage my dice had shown me, Asia telling the other Titans to guard the orb. She lied to them, intern tricking me.
I scrambled to my feet running at her with my sword, but I was intercepted, Nico met my blade with his. 
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding,” I said. 
“Fighting your best friend to the death is no joke,” said Asia, watching us happily. 
“Screw this!” I exclaimed dropping my sword. 
“Tsk, tsk,” said Asia, “Never a good idea to go to battle without a weapon.” 
Then I did something she didn’t expect, I punched Nico straight in the face. 
He fell to the ground but where his eye were second ago the white form still shimmered. I’d punched the possession right out of him. 
I was actually just hoping to knock him out, but this was better,
I picked up my sword slashed it through the shimmering white mist and it disappeared. 
Asia looked like I had punched her, and not Nico. 
“Don’t mess with my friends,” I said.
Nico groaned clutching his head. 
I then snatched a fork from my belt and hurled it at Asia, the four prongs stuck straight into the middle of her forehead. 
Golden ichor dripped own between her eyes and she screamed, the walls shook around us. The marble began to crumble and hairline cracks began to creep up the columns. One to my left, a few feet away from Nico was fracturing at the base. 
Before I could move it crashed down over him.
I screamed and threw myself under it, catching it with my weight.
Thank the gods for all the weight lifting I’d done earlier because the thing weighed a ton. 
Unfortunately, being mortal my body wasn’t holding out well. 
My strength was failing, I couldn’t carry the podium away so that Nico was no longer under it and I couldn’t hold out much longer. I definitely didn’t have the strength to hold it until Nico regain consciousness. Pretty soon it would crush both he and I. 
“What are you going to do now, little mortal?” sneered Asia.
“I’m going to win,” I grunted through clenched teeth, “you know why? Because I’m not afraid to ask for help!” 
I looked in the direction of the Throne Room and yelled, “Zeus, Lightning Bearer, God of the Sky, Lord of the Olympians, help me carry my burden!” I pleaded. 
“Why carry it at all?” boomed Zeus voice from every direction. 
Lightning flashed form the sky, the room exploded with electricity and the column crumbled into ash. 
The room around us continued to crumble and within second parts of the floor began to fall. The mosaic beneath Asia’s feet tumbled into oblivion taking her with it, my fork still deeply embedded in her head. As I peered into the hole through which she had fallen and down at the streets of New York, I saw a puff of white light.
I went back to Nico, who groaned loudly and opened his eyes, I grinned down at him. 
“You saved my life again didn’t you?” he asked.
“”Yeah,” I replied. 
“You gotta stop doing that,” he groaned, “I’m way to far in debt.”
He was right, I’m pretty sure his IOU list looked something like this:
1. Pay Lea back for saving your life
2. Pay Lea back for losing the Oedipus bet
3. Pay Lea back for saving your life
4. Pay Lea back for wining the Milk bet
5. Pay Lea back for beating you a at Scrabble
6. Pay Lea back for saving your life

I helped him to his feet, “Is she dead?” he asked, blood pouring from his nose where I punched him (which he ignored).
“Let’s not stick around to find out,” I said, “Come on just one more room to go through until we get to the Throne Room, where Zeus will be.”
“Let’s just hope there’s no one else in this next room” I said and we passed through the corridor. 
Of course I was wrong. 
“Ugh,” I groaned, “Why couldn’t there be one empty room? Just one?”
Three titans stood side by side, but something about them was different, they were smiling, not the crazy, ‘I’m gonna kill everyone you love’ smile, but genuine kind smiles. 
On the left was a woman in a white and gold toga with beautiful caramel colored hair, pulled back in ringlets. Her beautiful hazel eyes stared at me, and for some reason I wanted to trust her. I knew that what she would say had meaning and truth. She was someone to listen to. Next to her was a man who resembled my father, but with white hair and a white suit. Everything about him was pale, like he’d rolled in flour or something, but he didn’t seem ghostly, just extremely desaturated.  Finally on the right was a woman with stunning hair, it spilling over her should straight and sleek fading in color from dark ginger to strawberry blonde. Her toga was every color of the sunrise, like the most beautiful changing tie-dye ever. 
“I’m sorry, for inconveniencing you any further,” said the man in the middle, “but I’m afraid this is necessary. I am Perses titan of destruction.”
My mind jumped to the conclusion, destruction= bad. Kill bad. 
Perses saw my expression and calmly said, “No need to worry, although my domain may be what some think evil, my intentions, although selfish, are good. With destruction brings peace.”
“You’re crazy,” I said, but he did have a point, a world where everyone is dead would have no wars. 
“Perhaps, but that is irrelevant at he moment,” he concurred, “Allow me to introduce my sisters, Metis, Titaness of good counsel, and Eos, Titaness of dawn, whom you have already been acquainted with, however subtly.”
Eos was the one who’d helped me defeat Nyx two years ago. 
I nodded to her as my way of re-thanking her. 
Metis stepped forward, “We’d like to ask a favor of you.”
“Go on,” I said. 
“Please do not abolish all the titans from this world. By doing that, you also put us, the benevolent forces, your allies, to sleep as well,” explained Perses. 
“But-“ I protested.
“Please, just listen,” said Eos, “We mean you no harm.”
To prove it, she waved her hand broadly and Nico, who was standing next to me jumped back in exclamation. His nose, which had been bleeding profusely had healed. 
“Fine,” I agreed.
“If you promise to spare us, we will swear on the River Styx that no Titan will ever bring harm to you again,” said Perses. 
“Deal,” I said. 
“We swear of the River Styx,” they said in unison and then disappeared in a ray of light. 
“Lea, what have you done?” asked Nico.
“Hopefully the right thing,” I replied and we crossed through the corridor and into the Throne Room. 
Zeus was sitting on his throne, looking weary from waiting. The pedestal in the middle of the room had already risen and every object of the staff was present. 
The Palladium was placed on a different pedestal next to Zeus’ throne. 
I looked around the room checking for any further dangers. 
Upon seeing Demeter’s throne my mind returned to Cloe for a second. I guess the Palladium could prevent us from being defeated but it couldn’t prevent all of us from dying. 
“I am deeply sorry for the loss of your friend,” said Zeus, “And now the time has come to make sure he death was not for nothing, are you ready?”
“Yes, I’m ready,” I stated confidently. 
“Then it is time to assemble the staff,” he announced.

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