The Celestial Staff

Lea Reclin has just given up her divine powers. After Lea decides that because she's given up her lineage she'd also give up the demigod life completely. The Fates, however, have a different plan in mind. Lea must collect the pieces of the Celestial Staff that have been scattered across the country. If she succeeds the Great Stirring will finally end, but if she fails....


2. 2- Zeus Gives me a Time Machine

I rolled my eyes, “Well get on with it,” I grumbled, “No need to be so dramatic.”
Zeus shifted on his throne uncomfortably; he didn’t like being called out.
It was only he and I in the room at the moment. I had a feeling this meeting was pretty confidential.
“A quest had been issued” he announced.
“Yeah,” I agreed sarcastically, “Eleven months ago.”
“But only now had the prophecy been spoken.”
Suddenly, thunder rumbled in side the room, clouds began to swirl. The churning purple and grey covering the sun. Immediately the room was shadow, going from glowing and beautiful to dark and ominous, within minutes.
A Mirage Mirror swirled in front of me and pictures began to formulate.
It showed Rachel, alone in her cave room painting.
She was painting Olympus, everything looked fairly normal expect the backdrop, the sky was stuck at every point of the day, showing sunrise, day, sunset, and night. Some portions of the sky were clear, some cloudy others storming like crazy all at once.
Just as Rachel dabbed a silhouette on the roof of the Empire State building she collapsed shaking on the ground.
I gasped stepping forward, “she’s having a seizure. We have to help her!”
“This is in the past,” assured Zeus, “she’s fine now.”
Green mist poured from Rachel’s mouth, not the usual tendril but gallons worth of smoke. More than a normal human body could hold. The whole room was illuminated with green light. Rachel snapped her head around to look directly at me. Her eyes shot open showing a terrifying glowing green.
Then the voice began to echo and then prophecy began:
The Heroine chosen by the gods divine,
Must create the stave before the stars align,
Elders, dead, sea and sky,
Can vanquish those who do not comply,
Success shall determine the age,
To open or seal the Titan’s cage,
One child on which the gods depend,
Shall bring the stirring to an end.

The image disappeared, leaving a blank screen and the silhouette of creepy possessed Rachel in my head.
I stood for a minute repeated the lines to myself.
“So I have to find a stave?” I asked unsurely, I didn’t even know what a stave was.
“The pieces of one,” corrected Zeus, “that have been scattered across the country.”
“Great,” I mumbled, I was still too embarrassed to ask what exactly we were talking about.
“At the end of the month, the Summer Solstice corresponds with the Orion stars aligning. You must have collected all four parts of the Celestial Staff by then,” explained Zeus.
Oh so that’s what a stave is, a staff, I thought to myself.
“I have a month?” I asked, “That’ll be easy.”
“It is enough time,” agreed Zeus, “but it is essential that on this quest you stay undetected.”
“Why?” I asked, “All of the other times I‘ve been stalked the entire way yet still got through fine.”
“More than nine titans are now growing in power, each have their own minions looking for you. Combined they have an army twice all of Olympus’ forces. They have Leto herself hunting you. If you are caught, within hours there will be hundreds of individuals on your trail.”
I gulped, “Alright then.”
“It is in your best interest to stay at Camp where you will not be disturbed and when you are prepared travel to your exact destination. Your friend Nico will aid you with this. You must do this at random times; make yourself as unpredictable as possible.”
“That sounds easy enough,” I said.
“Each time bring a different companion and send others to throw the sent off,” continued Zeus.
Different companions?
How was I supposed to do that?
It was always Nico, Percy and I.
I can’t imagine anyone else would want to go with me.
I thought for a minute, telling myself the prophecy again.
“It said that I’ll bring the Stirring to an End,” I exclaimed, “So that means I succeed!”
“The Stirring will end whether you succeed or fail,” replied Zeus, his voice growing deeper, “The Celestial Stave has the power to enhance any power beyond the stars and pinpoint any victim in the solar system. We hope it will enhance your powers and send the Titans to sleep for eternity.”
“But I don’t have my powers anymore,” I objected, confused.
“True,” agreed Zeus, “But that can be reset.”
“What?” I demanded, “I saw my divinity be ripped from my body in huge glowy ball of pink light!”
“Also true,” said Zeus calmly. He showed me something that had been in his hand the entire time. A little trinket on the end of a short silver looped chain. I stepped forward for a closer look, reaching up to touch it. Zeus dropped the necklace into the palm of my hand.
“Your father said you needed a new necklace,” said Zeus.
I examined in closely, it was a tiny lead colored crown, just as heavy as lead too, with a single pink jewel.
“What is it?” I asked in awe.
“It is plated with Oneiron Silver, a material known for its magical force field, taken from your father’s helm. The chain is also made from the same silver. Underneath the silver on the trinket is all that remains of Kronos’ scythe, which harness’ the ability to warp the wearer back in time if supplied with a physic feed.”
“What’s a physic feed?” I interrupted.
“It is an object that is directly connected to a certain person and time,” explained Zeus, “The jewel, is a shard from the broken ruby on your sword. The perfect physic feed.”
“I’m really confused,” I admitted.
“If you were to press in that jewel,” said Zeus, “Don’t worry it takes a bit of pressure, it would come in contact with the piece of Kronos’ scythe it would restore you to the exact state you were in when you lost the jewel. You would regain your powers but intern loose all of the memories you have created since you lost the jewel.”
“No way,” I responded, “So it’s like a personal time machine!”
“Of sorts,” replied Zeus.
“The power can only last for so long,” warned Zeus, “Do not activate it yet and whatever you do, do not loose the necklace. Wear it at all times.”
“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed.
“Only activate it when you have collected all four pieces of the staff,” aid Zeus.
“Where do I begin?” I asked eagerly.
Something shimmered and appeared on the Mirage Mirror. It was a map of the United States. The image zoomed in on the far west side o f the map. The Hawaiian Islands. A glowing dot blinked just off the shore of Maui.
“Let me guess?” I said, “Sea?”
“Poseidon’s Castle,” announced Zeus.
“I’m guessing I have to get one part of the staff from each of The Big Three?”
“So who has the fourth piece?” I asked.
“The Titans,” growled Zeus.
“Oh,” I mutter, “If part of the staff is in the sky, couldn’t you just give it to me now?”
“No,” he denied, “That will come last.”
It seemed more like he wanted to keep it to himself for a while.
“Fine,” I said, “I’ll start with Poseidon.”
“Tell no one but your companion why, when or where you are going. Trust very few,” declared Zeus ominously.
I thought of the people I could trust for sure; Nico, Percy, Annabeth, and Henry. That was about it.
“Are we done here?” I asked, noticing Zeus staring at me.
“You are dismissed,” he said.
I turned and walked out of the Throne Room, my hands in my hoodies’ pockets.
From behind me I heard Zeus mutter, “I hope we chose right.”
I think he meant about me being the hero of the quest.
In that case, they probably chose wrong.
Nico was waiting in the Sitting Room, he was playing with the small metal figurine he always fiddled with and tried to hide from me.
He stuffed it into his pocket as soon as he saw me.
“Guess what?” I said.
“What?” he replied automatically.
“Nico,” I said, “We’re going to Hawaii.”
“When?” he asked.

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