Society Changed Us

We know Justin. He's adorable and sexy as hell. He's super caring and he's mine. Who am i? Well I'm a Victoria Secret's Model and I'm Miranda. Its quite weird actually. They were letting 16 year old girls audition, so i did. And here i am. Here's the thing about the fame and society. It changes you once it gets you. We used to be crazily in loved teenagers, America's sweethearts. But now.. he's 19 and i'm 18. Society changed us both and there's no one here to help me. Why would i need help? Read to find out.


3. <<Chapter 2. I Need You. I Need You Now. (16+)>>

Miranda's P.O.V. 

I heard chattering around me, but I couldn't seem to open my eyes. They felt heavy and my body aches so bad. "Shit!" I tried to move my arm and leg to sit up but they felt weak and brittle. "Baby? No sit back down. You're hurt Miri." Jay said. "What? How?" I asked curiously. "We can talk about it next time babe but now let's just get you better kay? I'll get Demi up here." He said pulling his phone out, still holding my hand gently. "Hey! How you feeling?" Ryan said out of no where making me jump. "Nice man." Chaz said giving Ryan the stare and I just laughed but it hurt hella bad. They decided to shut up and smile instead. "Hey girl! How is it?" Demi asked. Ugh. Omg. I mean I love her for asking but I fucking hate that question. "I'm fine." I said looking down. They all gave me the stare. "Seriously? I am." I said with a sigh. "Okay then." "Suree" They all mumbled. Jay looked at me unconvinced and just decided to let go since he didn't say anything. Thank god. "Well, your coming home in about a week, they're keeping you here for just tests and all that." Jay said with a sad smile. "Are you guys leaving me?" I asked with a frown. I seriously hate hospitals. "Actually, I postponed my tour for a couple weeks so no, I won't be leaving just yet." Demi smiled. "And I am staying here with you no matter what. Day and night. I'm not going home. I'm gonna be right here next to you." Jay chuckled cause I hugged him tightly afterwards. I missed him so much. "Umm.. sorry to tell you guys this but we gotta run. I have to get home to babysit my baby sister and Chaz's dad just came home but we're gonna be here for you tomorrow definitely" They said guiltily. "It's fine, I now you guys have life's too. See you tomorrow!" I said smiling. "I have to run tonight. I'm so sorry Mirianda but there's a emergency meeting apparently. I'm coming tomorrow too though." Demi said. "It's al good. I'll see you tomorrow love." I said and waved bye to her and they boys. "Well then, it's just the two of us. I missed you so much these couple days." Justin said sighing. "DAYS?!" I said freaking out. "Yeah babe you blacked out for like three days." He responds frowning. "Well, I'm better now. I just hurt my arm really bad." I smiled/frowned. He just chuckled and I smiled for reals. I missed that sound so bad. "Lay with me?" I asked. "Anything for my sweetie" He says. "Sweetie?" I said in confusion. "Yeah. Sweetie." He said and we both looked at each other and I felt like I needed him. All this depression, sorrow and other emotions are killing. "Jay?" I whispered. "Yeah?" He says. "Will you do me a favor?" I asked quietly laying on his chest. "And what favor is that?" He replies. "I need you to fix me. I need you to help me get rid of all the sorrow and sadness for at least awhile. Please Jay?" I whispered, tears falling down my face. "Baby.." he says sitting up, facing me holding my chin. "Are you sure? I mean I'm not gonna do our second time at a hospital. I mean I would do anything for you, jump in front of a bus or take a bullet for you but I need to know are you sure?" He asked looking at me straight in the eye, wiping my tears. I hugged him and sighed, sucking it all up and nodded, "Yes Jay I need you now." I said. This is so embarrassing but at least we have the top floor so no one would hear us anyway. He nodded and smiled. 

<<Mature/Sexual Content.>>

I crawled on top of him and leaned down and just went for his lips. Our tongues battled for minute and of course he won. He went down to my neck and shoulders, rubbing my breast I arched my back from all the pleasure and moaned. I was getting wet and I could feel his hard on boner through his sweats and smirked. "You missed me right babe?" I whispered seductively. Oh god why am I acting like this? "Mmhhmm." He tried to hold his moan when I started rubbing myself against his dick. "Would you like me to... please you?" I whispered in his ear. "Mirriiii..." He moans. "I'll take that as a yes." I smirked. I mooved my hands down to the top of his sweat, grabbing the white string and playing with it. "Babe, don't even start." He growls. "Easy baby." I said stroking his dick through his sweats. I slid his sweats and boxers down and grabbed his dick and started giving him a handjob then a blowjob. "Miraaandaa.." He moans grabbing my hair making me gag a couple times. He cums inside my mouth and I just swallowed it all and come back up to kiss him. "I don't think so doll. Let me pleasure you." He says with dark eyes filled with lust. He flipped us over and slid down my panties and pulled my hospital gown up, he started kissing the inside of my thighs and my clit. "Wet aren't you?" he smirked. "Jaaay." I moaned. He started fingering me and still sucking my clit. He added another finger and I was nearly about to explode. The emotions were long gone and now all I felt was the best pleasure ever. And I just came, Jay just licked it all up and came back to kiss my neck, using the other hand grabbing his dick and put it on my clit. Rubbing it over and over again and out of no where he rammed into me. We both moaned. "Your so fucking tight baby." He moans. "Jaaay." I moaned. "That's it babe, moan my name and I'll go faster, harder just for my baby girl" He whisper/moans into my ear. "Ju-justin, fuck me baby. J-JUSTINNN!" I moaned. He rams into me again going even faster and harder, hitting my g-spot over and over again. We both came and he gave me one last thrust before He flipped us over to doggy style. He thrust his dick into me and I moaned, "Fuck me baby, faster."  "You already know baby girl." He says and goes even faster but gets sloppy after awhile, both of us close to cumming. We both moaned one last time and he felled back to the bed with me. We decided to put our clothes back on just in case the doctor or nurse comes in. "Jay?" I ask with my head leaning into his chest and his arm around my waist. "Yes baby girl?" He replies. "Thank you." I say looking at him in the eyes. "I love you babe. You know that. Anything for you." He says with a serious face. "I love you too." I say with a smile and close my eyes. He kisses my forehead and hair and we just stay like that and let the darkness take over us.



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