Society Changed Us

We know Justin. He's adorable and sexy as hell. He's super caring and he's mine. Who am i? Well I'm a Victoria Secret's Model and I'm Miranda. Its quite weird actually. They were letting 16 year old girls audition, so i did. And here i am. Here's the thing about the fame and society. It changes you once it gets you. We used to be crazily in loved teenagers, America's sweethearts. But now.. he's 19 and i'm 18. Society changed us both and there's no one here to help me. Why would i need help? Read to find out.


2. <<Chapter 1. Till Death Do Us Apart.>>

Justin's P.O.V.

To be honest if I knew this would happen, all the hate and everything,  I guess I would never wanna be discovered. It's not easy, its just bringing me down but I'm glad Miranda's here with me. I just made us some breakfast and I still hear the water running so she probably still in the shower. **ring-ring** I took my iphone out and saw it was Za calling. *sighs and decline* I'm just not trying to be like my old self, in jail and doing weed and all that shit. I decided to call up my homie Ryan and Chaz, Miranda loves them.

J - "Aye, Ryan my bro! wanna hang later?" 

R- "Yee, hold up, so anything happen last night with you and Miranda? Hmm? Get a piece of that yet?" He said jokingly

J- "Naah man, those were the high school days, Miranda. She's the one. I ain't trying to mess up." I said opening the refrigerator getting the OJ.

R- "So are we all hanging later or naah?"

J- "Fuck yeah! Hold up let me see if Miranda wants to come with us. I'll text you later."

R- "Kay then. Dont forget." With that he hanged up.

"Hey babe! Can you get me my towel?" I heard from upstairs. "Yeah hold up. I'm coming up!" I yelled back, running up the stairs. I saw her sitting on the bed with a tiny towel on and combing her hair. I stared at her up and down wide eyed. "Bieber, take a picture it'll last longer." she smirked. "Oh, towel, yes." I stuttered and ran into the other room to get it and when i came back she was already in her pajamas. "Really babe?" (-_-)

"Sorry,you took too long" she giggled."You think that's funny?" I smirked devilishly. "Yes.. Noo, I know what your thinking Bieber! Your never gonna catch me!" she yelled running and laughing. "I'm gonna get you!" I yelled and chuckled. This was too easy. I called her number and... *ring ring* I heard from the movie room. I heard her mutter something. "shitt, r u serious right now?" and she I guess declined. I already knew where she was hiding, "Ahhhhhaaaaa!" i scared her from behind. "Aaahhhh!" she yelled. "Babe, you scared me too death!" she pouted, she looked adorable man. I fell down to the ground laughing and she got up and walked away but I pulled her down with me and she yelped. "Your not escaping just yet honey" I smirked and started tickling her. After crazy minutes.. "Say it!" I said. "Never!" she laughed/yelled back. "I'll keep goingggg" I singed. "Okay, okay, Bieber is amazing and super sexy. He's the sexiest man ever on the whole planet!" she said in one breath. "Thank you." I smirked. Mira stood up and ran back to our room and I was close after and pushed her onto the bed after tripping and landed next to her. I just took the moment to stare into her beautiful eyes and said, "Your so beautiful don't ever deny it okay?" I asked her looking straight into her eyes and she nodded, looking down blushing. "So anyways do you wanna hang with Ryan and Chaz later?" he asked. "Sure babe, where though?" she asked. "I dont know wanna go to the club?" "Yeah. Now lets eat breakfast, I know you made me some" she giggled and grabbed my hand, ran down the stairs and she sat on my lap. 

<<<Hours Later>>>

Miranda's P.O.V.

So we're at the club called "Stars Only Club"? And I just saw Demi here. "Babe go hang out with Demi or somebody, I'll go get us some drinks kay?" "Sure thing bieber" and with that we kissed and went our separate ways and jay went with Ryan and Chaz. Should I worry? Naah, we love each other. "Demi?" I tapped her shoulder. "Miranda! its been so long!" She said and hugged me. "It seriously has been awhile anyways let hang then." I smiled. "Sure! I have to leave for my tour in a couple days and I'm just trying to hang here before I leave to New York." she smiled. WE sat and talked for awhile and all sudden i just remembered Jay. Where is he? Its been half an hour. "Um. Demi have you seen Jay?" "I saw him walking over there." she said with a weird look on her face. "Ohh it's just he said he was gonna get us some drinks and he hasn't been back yet." I said looking down. "Okay, lets go look for him then. she suggested. I nodded and let her lead. After turning here and there, I saw a blonde head in the corner but Demi said that wasn't him and was trying to get me to turn back around but I'm sure that's him. "Uhh, nope not him. Definitely not him?" she said that came out into a question. And I knew something was up, I walked to the corner and literally just broke down into tears. "J-jay?" please please dont be him. He turned around and said, "It's not what it looks like! Babe!" "Really?! Y-y-you weren't just sucking faces and basically dry humping her?" I cried shakily. He gave me a guilty look and didn't say anything. Demi put a hand on my back and that's when I started getting confident. "What happened to you? You're definitely not the Jay I know. That's fine I just thought we were a forever, guess not. Just so you know you weren't the only one receiving hate okay? Not everything's about you Justin. This is the real world. There are consequences and its even worse when your famous and you know that. You think its easy getting called "bitch", "slut" or "gold-digger"? No its not easy. But nothing matters now. I don't wanna see you ever. We were a forever but its gone. Please just.. *sighs* I-i-i don't wanna keep things going if your going to be like this. I mean drag racing, weed, jail? I can't handle it. When you get yourself together, maybe we can be a forever again but so far it looks like that "forever" is gonna disappear Justin. Bye." I said and walked out with Demi and I looked back at him one last time to see him going back to suck faces with the blonde again. *sighs heavily* "Its going to be fine" Demi says. "Every time I hear that it makes everything worse actually and c-can I just stay at your house so Justin doesn't bother me?" I asked with tears dripping down my face. "Honey, you don't gotta ask and you could stay as long as you want. Anytime babe." She smiled. "T-thanks. Your the best." I hugged her.

<<< Demi's House>>>

We were eating a bunch of junk food and just watching Netflix. "Oh my god! Liam is so hot though. his ABS." Demi said with a smile. "Oh god reaally?" I laughed. "Yessss." she said daydreaming. I threw a pillow at her and remembered Justin. I sighed and just thought what if i said no about going to the club. What if I never saw that? What if today ended differently? I literally just lost him. "Demi?" "Yes?" "I think I'm gonna go home." I. "Do you want me to come over?" she asked. "Sure." I said and got my things. I got into my car and she got into her's. I mean why would he do this to me? I really thought we were a forever. It felt like somebody stabbing knives into your heart all at the same time. A million thoughts ran into my mind and the last thing I saw was a flash and then heard screams and my head hurts really bad. "Miranda?" A girl's voice cried. And then felt cold and numbness, peace. My eyes closed slowly blinking a couple times. I saw a girl run up to me, calling my name and holding my head and heard someone say "Call the cops!" And I closed my eyes. I feel so peaceful.

<<<Later On>>>

Justin's P.O.V.

I was in my room, Ryan and Chaz comforting me and all sudden I heard ringing. I jumped up. "Miranda?" I mumbled, searching for my phone. I quickly accepted it and said, "Hello?" "omg, justin, M-m-miranda. S-she's in the.." the voice sounded familiar and was all panicky. "D-demi? Wait what happened to my baby? Where is she?" I said panicking. "She at the hospital, I'm with her right n-now." She cried. "What hospital?" I asked quickly. "St. James Louis Hospital. Y-you need to come right now." She said in a voice no more than a whisper. "Of course, my baby's hurt." I whispered back and ran to my car with Ryan and Chaz right behind me. They got into the back and I drove. "What's going on?" Chaz asked. "My baby's hurt." I whispered. " What happened?" Ryan asked panicking. "I have no idea..." I said. We  got there in 2 mins and ran up to the front door. My heart broke into half and the boys had tears going down their faces and I was just literally sobbing not caring who was looking. Her broken body was messed up, my baby, what the fuck have I done? Don't leave me here or I'm going with you. Her beautiful body and face covered in blood everywhere, her white dress completely soaked with blood. "She's not breathing doctor!" A nurse yelled. "They started inserting this thing into her throat and she finally did. She was blinking a few times. "J-jay?" "yes baby?" "D-don't l-leave me?" "Of course not." And she closed her eyes and they took my baby into a different room. The nurse said it wont be awhile till their done and I can't come with them. I'm not staying out here when I know my baby's hurt. "No, no. This isn't happening. Ryan, Chaz let me the fuck go. My angel's hurt and I'm not leaving her." I struggled in their tight grip and eventually calmed down sobbing, falling to the ground. They p-put me into a chair and Demi came out with mascara dripping down her face, she sat next to me and said, "I was just giving them the info and stuff." she cried/whispered, her voice croaky. "What happened to my baby?" I cried. "W-we were at my house till she wanted to go home and I suggested coming with her to just check on her and stuff. She was in her own car and I was in my own car. We were driving and she was leading then there was a red light but I guess she was thinking really hard or something, she didn't see it and a truck crashed into her. H-her car flipped a couple times, her b-body flew out onto the pavement and her car flew down into the river. I-i was horrible, but you know that you can't blame yourself. You know that right?" She sniffled with tears coming down her face constantly. This story was just killing me. "A-and?" "I got out of my car and ran up to her but by the time I was there, she was barely breathing and close to closing her eyes." she cried. "This is my fault. I thought the girl was Miranda at the club. I really did. She didn't let me tell the whole story. And how can you say that? I am the one who cheated on her. I don't know if i can do this anymore Demi. She was my everything." I whispered crying. "You have to be strong for her right now Justin. She's vulnerable right now she's gonna need someone." she said. I just nodded. "She is strong huh?" Ryan said. Probably referring to our old memories when Miranda fell down this kind of Grand Canyon like thing when we were all out for a jog. She tripped on something and she fell a couple times. Ryan went to go get help and me and Chaz went down to her and she was still standing but limping with a smile on her face. "You know you got yourself a great girl right bieber?" Chaz asked. "Yeah. I fucking love her from infinity to beyond. She's definitely gonna be the death of me." I said and smiled knowing she's gonna be okay. I HAVE to be positive. At least for now... My baby's hurt.


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