Outbreak: A Gta V story

A humane labs experiment gone wrong could mean the destruction of Los santos!Michael De Santa is One of the few men who can stop it before it gets out of hand!The man-made virus is slowly taking hold of Blaine county turning the residents into Brain-eating Zombies.There isn't much time before the contagion reaches Los santos!


1. The humane experiment

Humane labs is one of the most famous medical and biological laboratorys in America.It is located in the middle of Los Santos and Blaine County.One day ago scientists discovered a bodily fluid when performing the secret autopsy of Trevor Phillips that nobody else in the United States have,A fluid that puts its owner into an unstoppable fit of rage.They tried to suck the fluid of his deceased body.They then tried to purify the fluid,then injected a chimpanzee with it.The subject was almost invincible but one side affect was...The subject(named TIMMY)ripped the heads of every other chimpanzee.

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