Dying Wish

People say cancer makes you depressed, makes you want to give up, there's nothing that can make you feel stronger or alive. Maybe that's true, maybe its not. For me its not true. Sometimes you have that one special thing that helps you. That you get excited to see, to watch, to listen. Sometimes its just a tv show maybe a toy or your phone. One Direction is what has helped keep me alive. I have cancer. Its called Melanoma and its a skin cancer that can be cured unless it spreads to much. Every patient is part of The Wish Foundation we get a wish. All I can think about is that one girl that got to meet Kim Kardashian, if she could meet her then maybe I have a small chance of meeting One Direction.


8. Chapter: 7- Laser Tag



   "Okay ready?" Harry asks and everyone nods their head. After the boys talked to Paul and some other guy that I couldn't see, because his back was turned, we headed toward the car which was a limo. The nice thing was there was no fans or people outside. We got inside the limo and the driver took off. I still have no idea where we're going. 


     "Where here!" Louis screams and everyone gets out of the car. I look around and see were the only ones here in front of a building that looks closed. Where definitely behind the shop because there isn't a sign or anything saying where we are. Louis pulls my arm and we all walk into the building. My eyes widen when I realize that where at an arcade. It doesn't just have games that you have to pay but laser tag, bumper cars, bumper boats, mini golf, and other cool things. Louis pulls Harry and I towards the laser tag and the rest of the boys have to run to keep up. I'm really not supposed to run but I'm not going to ruin this week by telling them it. 


     No one is here except a few workers. We break off into two teams for laser tag, Zayn, Harry and Liam. , Louis, Niall and I are on the other team. I'm on the green team and Zayn and his teammates are on the red/orange team. The laser tag arena is huge! Two workers come and leave our team one way and the other team the other. We suit up in the vests and guns and get ready to play. 


     After the bell signaled that the game has begun we made our way into the obstacle and we all split up. I went to the right while the other boys went straight and to the right. 


     We stayed at the arcade for about three hours and then the boys had to go back to practice so I got taken back to the hotel. I've always feared death that I wouldn't make it to see the next day. I battle this depression every day, all day, 24/7. I go to counseling twice a week, except this week. When I was with the boys I honestly didn't think about it. I didn't think about the scars on my thighs or anything else other than having fun. Yes, I've cut; some people don't understand that I have a fifty chance of surviving. I go to the doctors at least ten times during one month and sometimes it’s more. 


     As the day of the surgery I get more scared. If this doesn't work then I have about a ten percent chance of surviving. I've been really scared but I don't tell anyone, sometimes I can't fall asleep at night because that's all I think about. Meeting One Direction and hanging out with them is amazing. I never knew that One Direction could be so normal. I don't believe everything that the paps but I still didn't expect them to be this down to earth and carefree.


     Louis really is funny and can make you smile and laugh no matter. Harry really is a big flirt. Niall ate about fifty pecies of pizza and he always jokes around. Zayn was pretty quiet in the beginning but in the end he started talking more and joking around. Liam isn't as carefree as the other boys but he still knows how to have fun. All the crazy rumors and fan fictions make the boys sound way different than they actually are. Tomorrow, were all going to some place for lunch and then going to see The Purge: Anarchy. Which I'm very excited about.


     “Did you have fun?” My mom asks as I enter the hotel room.


     “Yes. We went to an arcade it was so fun.” I gush.


     “I’m glad but remember the doctors are in Florida so you need to be really careful. Wednesday is the concert, that will be fun right?”


     That night my mom and I ate dinner and I told her all about the things we did that I didn’t mention before. It’s nice that my mom did this for me. That she took the time off of work and came here to New York. Yes, the Wish Foundation paid for everything and made it all happen but it still came down to my mom letting us come and letting me actually do things. I go to counseling and it’s a group counseling and for some kids that’s the only time their out of the house. Their parents are scared so they think keeping them cooped up in the house will help them. I am home schooled but I go out, one time I went with my mom to Disney, but that was before I was diagnosed. I went to universal in February near Valentines Day.


     “I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” I tell my mom.


     “All right. I love you. See you in the morning.” My mom hugs me and kisses my forehead and I head to bed.

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