Dying Wish

People say cancer makes you depressed, makes you want to give up, there's nothing that can make you feel stronger or alive. Maybe that's true, maybe its not. For me its not true. Sometimes you have that one special thing that helps you. That you get excited to see, to watch, to listen. Sometimes its just a tv show maybe a toy or your phone. One Direction is what has helped keep me alive. I have cancer. Its called Melanoma and its a skin cancer that can be cured unless it spreads to much. Every patient is part of The Wish Foundation we get a wish. All I can think about is that one girl that got to meet Kim Kardashian, if she could meet her then maybe I have a small chance of meeting One Direction.


6. Chapter: 5- Interview

   "PAYTON! FOR THE LAST TIME WAKE UP!" My mother yells for the tenth time. Its only nine o'clock and all I want to do is sleep but were meeting with One Direction's management and later on One Direction. I roll of the nice warm bed and make my way to the showers. The nice thing about the hotel is that my mom and I have separate rooms and I have my own bathroom.


     I take a quick shower and use the shampoo and conditioner that I brought from home. After changing into shorts that have lace on the pockets I put on a graphic tee that says Or Nah. I blow dry my hair and leave it in its natural waves and I put on a pair of converse and grab my phone. I eat quickly and brush my teeth. The people that were meeting with send a car to retrieve us, which is totally awesome. I really don't like taxies. 


     The driver stops in front of a huge building that is ten stories, I counted the windows. A woman comes out and motions for us to follow her, she doesn't speak at all as she leads us to a room and leaves. My mom and I are left in an unfamiliar room, building and state and this lady doesn't say anything. She didn't even smile. Maybe that’s just how New York people are. I wouldn't know because I've never been to New York before. 


     After about ten minutes a man comes in along with a young woman who looks around her mid twenties. "Good morning you must be Payton and Lilith Reynolds." The man says and the lady and him shake our hands.


     "I'm Paul and this is Tiffany." He says and I smile politely at them. 


     "Now this is a question mostly for Payton but we will need your permission Mrs. Reynolds. We would love to interview and tape you meeting the boys. We would interview you before you met the boys. They are currently at practice but they should be done in half an hour giving us just enough time." Tiffany says. I look at my mom who is looking at me and I nod.


     "Sure. I would love to." I say smiling. The woman smiles and the man types things on his phone. I am brought into a room where a lady attacks my face with tons of products. She finally pushes me into the chair and finishes. I'm not facing the mirror so I have no idea what I look like. I hope I don't look like a clown. After putting on some kind of lipstick she backs up and claps. 


     "Amazing. You look amazing. It’s a natural look but it brings out your beautiful features." She tells me and turns me towards the mirror. I look at the beautiful stranger in the mirror. My green eyes look more bright and bold. My auburn hair looks really pretty half up and half down curled perfectly. My lips are just tinted pink and my face looks the same but she covered up the spot so you can't see the bump from the cancer that’s on my right cheek. 


     "Thank you." I say sincerely. I'm brought into a room and there is a couch and a chair. Tiffany directs me to sit on the small couch. I sit down and look around the room. The walls are a beautiful light orange that somehow manages to look pretty and there is a camera set up pointing towards the area that I am seated. Paul and Tiffany come back in the room and walk over to me. 


    "You will be interviewed in here and after the boys will come in and meet you. You can spend the whole day with them and then go out to dinner. We have reservations and the limo driver will know where to take you. Your mom told us to give you this and that she has headed how and to have fun!" Tiffany says and hands me a card. My moms credit card. Awesome!


     The interviewer comes in moments later and the camera crew signals that there recording. "Hello America! I'm Justine and here with Payton Reynolds who was diagnosed with cancer last year. Each Cancer patient gets a wish from TWF, also known as The Wish Foundation. Her wish was to come meet One Direction and here she is in the same building as her idols." She says smiling at the camera.


     "Now Payton what made you think of coming to meet One Direction?" She asks looking at me. 


     "Well one of the side affects of cancer is depression and I had that really bad, until I heard What Makes You Beautiful. From then on I listened to One Direction and to me their not just words on a page they are relatable and they became the reason why I haven't given up. They’re my heroes. I like this show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians and in one of the episodes a girl uses her wish to meet Kim Kardashian and I thought, maybe I could meet One Direction. My mom made a call to TWF and now here I am." I tell the lady and she smiles.


     "Wow. That’s amazing. Who's your favorite? Everyone has a favorite mine personally is Harry Styles." She says laughing a little. 


     "Niall Horan." I answer.


      She asks a few more questions and I know where about to end. "Are you really excited to meet them?" She asks.


     "Definitely!" I say enthusiastically. All of a sudden four people jump from behind the couch and sit next to me. My eyes widen when I realize that it’s four out of the five members of One Direction. 

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