Dying Wish

People say cancer makes you depressed, makes you want to give up, there's nothing that can make you feel stronger or alive. Maybe that's true, maybe its not. For me its not true. Sometimes you have that one special thing that helps you. That you get excited to see, to watch, to listen. Sometimes its just a tv show maybe a toy or your phone. One Direction is what has helped keep me alive. I have cancer. Its called Melanoma and its a skin cancer that can be cured unless it spreads to much. Every patient is part of The Wish Foundation we get a wish. All I can think about is that one girl that got to meet Kim Kardashian, if she could meet her then maybe I have a small chance of meeting One Direction.


3. Chapter: 2- Possibilites

     "Payton?" I hear someone call. I roll over and sit up. I see my mom standing at the door and I look over at the clock and see that its twelve thirty in the afternoon.


       "Wow it’s late. I didn't mean to sleep that late, Sorry. I'm going to take a shower." I tell my mom and head into my closet to get some clothes. I get a pair of short shorts and a tie-dye T-shirts that has the sleeves cut off and holes down the side. I grab a black tank top and put it underneath it. After getting out of the shower I head to the kitchen and see my mom reading something on her phone. I grab a box of cereal and milk and put them in a bowl and start eating. 


    "I'm going to call the Wish Foundation after I take a nap." My mother says and I nod before she walks out of the room. My mom has been with me this whole time sense I was diagnosed and has been helping and supporting me. If you don't have cancer you wouldn't know how hard it is. With Cancer comes depression even if its only skin cancer. People don't realize that there is more than lung cancer. If you told someone you had cancer they would think that its lung cancer because its very common, whereas stomach, pancreas, blood and skin cancer isn't as common but it is still as painful and harmful as the rest. I'm lucky enough to have a chance at surviving cancer but some people aren't so lucky.


    No one else in my family has ever had any kind of cancer so it was shocking when they found out I had it. My grandparents wanted nothing to do with it and I haven't heard with them sense. My grandmother and I were always very close and I guess the thought of me dying she couldn't deal with just waiting. My aunt Jenny and her husband Thomas have called at least once every week and Face Time and Skype all of the time. They are both scientists and are studying something in Egypt so they’re not able to visit me.



     "Pay! I just called The Wish Foundation. They said that they will see and try to talk to One Direction's manager and find out if its possible and if they will be willing to meet you." My mom tells me excitedly. 


    "Yay! Thank you so much for calling." I tell my mom while hugging her. 


     "They will let us know as soon as they talk with One Direction and their staff." My mom smiles at me and I can't help but smile back. I might actually have a chance of meeting my heroes. 

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