Dying Wish

People say cancer makes you depressed, makes you want to give up, there's nothing that can make you feel stronger or alive. Maybe that's true, maybe its not. For me its not true. Sometimes you have that one special thing that helps you. That you get excited to see, to watch, to listen. Sometimes its just a tv show maybe a toy or your phone. One Direction is what has helped keep me alive. I have cancer. Its called Melanoma and its a skin cancer that can be cured unless it spreads to much. Every patient is part of The Wish Foundation we get a wish. All I can think about is that one girl that got to meet Kim Kardashian, if she could meet her then maybe I have a small chance of meeting One Direction.


13. Chapter: 12- Telling the Boys

     “Payton?” One of the boys asks. It’s been a week senses my unsuccessful surgery and I haven’t answered the boys’ calls, texts or Skype calls. They have tweeted things but I haven’t made any way to contact until now. I decided to call them on Skype. 


     “Payton?” Louis asks and I burst into tears. I hear Louis yelling for the other boys to come in the room but I still keep on crying.

    “What happened? Payton!” Harry yells, worried. 

     “I-It didn’t work.” I sob and I hear someone say something but I can’t hear them over my loud sobs. 


     “What do you mean? It didn’t work? Can’t they do something else?” I’m sitting on the bed with the laptop propped against a pillow, trying not to cry but its not working very well.


    “It spread to much I was suppose to be in stage two but it spread to much. I most likely won’t survive; it’s very rare that a person with stage four of melanoma survives. The cancer is spreading to my organs.” I tell them while trying not to cry. I can tell that there crying. There trying to look strong but I can see the silent tears rolling down their cheeks. 


     “You can beat it.” Louis says.



     “Its nearly impossible.” I argue.



     “Stop being negative. You have to kick cancers arse.” Harry tells me and I smile.


     “Were going to be in Tampa in two weeks! We can visit you them.” Zayn says, trying to find something positive.


     “Yeah. My surgery is the day before your concert so I don’t think well be able to see each other.” I tell them.


     After talking to the boys for three hours, they had to go practice for their concert in Texas. Two weeks that’s how long I have until I either beat or get beaten by cancer.


     Today, I have my support group and I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve missed five meetings, so I have no idea what has happened. I decided to wear my jacket and bracelets that the boys had gotten me.


     “Mom, I’m ready!” I yell while running down stairs. My mom comes out of her room with her purse and keys in tow and we head to the car.


     “Remember if you need anything don’t hesitate to call.” My mom says. I’m standing outside the car with the passengers window rolled down and she’s decides to be all clingy, ever sense what happened in New York she is constantly near me. I’m surprised she hasn’t slept outside my room.


     "Okay! Bye mom!" I yell and start walking very fast to the door. I think she yelled something but the door had already slammed shut.

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