the story is about a half human half Gumiho who doesn't know what she is until she fully wakes up


2. the mistake

AYAME never found her birth parents but her and her sister got to stay together 

2 months later


 AYAME and AIKO was adopted by Anna the layer they still live in  AKANE they still own the shop AYAME goes to high school now called Whimoon High School. it is a private school that she got a scholarship to AYAME  worked really hard she study’s Economics / Business. But she always over sleeps 
the reason why she always over sleeps is because she study’s Literature/Journalism/Politician and  Government all by her self every single day she works hard so she doesn't worry about the future. she has 2 friends named AKEMI and AKIO they are twins AIKO  goes to elementary school next to Whimoon high school so they both walk together hurry AYAME yea hold on i need to get AIKO and ill be right out ok well meet you at school ok bye come AIKO my friends just left me and i want to stop to look at the blossoms as we were walking i stoped to look at he flowers and then AIKO said he is staring at you again i said who is and she said ARATA , ARATA is our next door neighbor he is a bad boy that goes to AYAME'S high school and AIKO always sees him staring at me i look and he drives away and i drop my sister at school and go to my class and  i am late again so she makes me wait out side of class and then i just slept through the hole class when we went home we seen solders outside our house and called Anna and she told me to run away with AIKO i garbed AIKO'S hand and walked away first but i guess one of them notice me and said after them and we ran away and we finally lost them when we got to the park AIKO was crying so i decided to sing her a song to calm her down it was called once upon a dream its in her favorite movie sleeping beauty and when i finished the song i noticed grown men crying in uniform and we tryed to run but they surrounded us as we were driving i was singing the song over and over to calm AIKO down because she was kicking and screaming while crying i was surprised she didn't give her self a heart attack and she got quit when she seen where we were going to a house it look like a palace as we walked in they tried to take AIKO but i wouldn't let go and AIKO said some ones watching us i looked up and seen 6 guys and i looked back down and hugged AIKO tighter scared that there those kinda people and they put us in a room and said wait here for the master and we waited we really didn't have a choice as a old man came in he said wow you both are beautiful i said thank you but why are we here the old man said do any of you know who i am i said i don't  and AIKO said your the man who owns several clothing shops and he said thats correct and he said he is worth a lot of money and he'd like to buy something from us he would like  to buy a snowflake necklace and i thought my necklace and garbed my chases and he looked at me and i removed my hand and said i am sorry but its not for sale and he said really why i told him one i thought i had a real family but it turn out to be a lie after both my parents died in a car crash i was told i was adopted and that the only thing i have of my real parents was this necklace and i am going to use it to find them and show them on what they miss out on and then the old man said do you know how i know about the necklace i said no how do you know about it he said because i am your grandfather you lair i stormed out in a rage he said wait a min don't leave that would be a big mistake and i said no the mistake is coming here. 

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