the story is about a half human half Gumiho who doesn't know what she is until she fully wakes up


3. the meeting

 next day  

Anna why didn't you tell me my grandfather was looking for me she said well i was worried that when you meet him you'd see he is not the man you thought he would be and i said what are you talking about Anna said when you were little you said you hope your new family can  let AIKO stay with you and you grampa and grama are nice people who give you candy and presents every time they see you but he is not like that and his wife died so i didn't want to disappoint you  and i said you didn't he did i want nothing to do with him and did  you know he threatened me he said i am making a big mistake leaving i think hes not going to stop coming after me well its time for bed and after a good night sleep in my own bed i was able to forget about what happen i got ready for school bu t sadly when we opened the door the old man was standing out side our house and he said hello i said what are you doing here he said well i came to see  my granddaughter of cores i am not you granddaughter Anna bye we are off to school me and AIKO went to school while the old man and Anna talked the old man ask her if i could stay with him at lest two days and one night Anna said if i let her stay will you stop trying to force her to see you let her come when shes ready he said yea but Anna said wait i almost forgot you need to take AIKO with you because where ever AIKO'S big sister goes she goes it been that way since i found them and the old man said wait found them shes not yours Anna no when they were little they had gotten into a car accident and both of their parents died AIKO was born after the gotten AYAME and i asked AYAME and she said her mom had the baby the old man said oh OK well i'll send a car for them after school when i got home my mother told me every thing i was very angry with her but if its the only way then i have to and at lest i have my sister as they entered the house a line of employs stood i lines and the old man stood at he end of the line to greet us all of the employs said welcome back and bowed i got freaked and started for the door but AIKO stoped me and said if we don't stay here he might  take you away from me do you want me to be all alone i was being stupid i never thought how would this effect AIKO and now i see i got to get this over with we walked up to the old man and i told him me and AIKO share the same room we go every where to gather if she doesn't like it we leave understood and when i looked at AIKO she was looking up i  looked up too and seen 5 boys staring at us i got sacred and grabbed AIKO'S  hand i looked at he old man and said  i don't want any other man to come close to me except you ever since i was little I've been scared of boys the only boy that i let get next to me was AKIO and that was only because one day i got lost and a lot of boys surrounded me and were messing with me and AKIO saved me i was so scared i was crying on the floor and he lift me up on his back when he lift me up i started to fight him and then he said lets find your mother and i don't know why but when he spoke it calmed me down really fast before i knew it i fell asleep on his back he couldn't find Anna so he took me to his house when i woke up i seen a girl sleeping next to me and i got up and the boy was their to sleeping on the other side when the girl woke up she said good morning since i didn't know  who she was i got scared and hid behind the boy and then he woke up and seen me hiding behind me and notice his sister he told me its ok its not a monster i started to giggle and he smiled he made me feel safe the parent came in and said oh good your up come eat they said i can sit any where i like i sat net to AKIO and the mother said aww how cute but really i think she knew i would sit next to him i think it was because i wouldn't leave his side since we woke up i stayed next to him until Anna came for me during that time i had gotten along with his sister i found out that they go to my school and we have been best friends since then and now in high school i have both of them as my class mates any way he agree to not let any other men next to us we spent the whole day with him i told him every thing that happen to us and after i finished i asked him where are my real parents and he said the day i went missing my parents looked for me every where and we got news that you had been sent to japan so you mother and father flu to japan and it wasn't you  and on their way back the air plane and before he could finish i started to cry and he stop and i said no finish the story and he continue  and the air plane blew up someone didn't want you to be found  i asked then why didn't you stop looking and he said because your parents weren't  the only one who claimed that girl a man also went when he seen your parents say that wasn't her he left and we thought that was your kid napper and we were right we got him arrested he admitted taking you but he said he felt bad for taking you he wanted to get you back one day he was chasing a car with two little girls and then they got into a car accident he thought the little girls died we looked for it in the news it said car accident only two survived it was two little girls named AYAME and AIKO  it was you and that is how we found you and i said my parents died because of me i ran and ran and ran i couldn't find the door and i fell crying in my legs.

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