the story is about a half human half Gumiho who doesn't know what she is until she fully wakes up


1. the Discovery

There is a girl named AYAME she is 14 years old she has a mom named ASAMI she is 35 ,a father named AKIHIKO he is 36 and a sister named AIKO is 7 years old  they live in a little town out side of soul called AKANE life for them is great they own a little shop that sells food one day the parents deiced to go to the beach for family day it it started to get late and they decided to head back home on their way home they got into a car accident and every one was past out mins later ASAMI woke up and notice the car was on fire she tried to get out but her seat belt was stuck she woke up AKIHIKO she told him she was stuck and for him to get the kids out he tried his set belt  and he was stuck to they woke AYAME up and she  said whats going on the mother said their were stuck and they need her to see if she can get out of the set belt the set belt was stuck by she could slip out the mother was like ok good now help your sister AYAME got AIKO out and her mother said get her and stay away from the car as far as you can and we will come in a min here is my cell phone call the police and wait for them to tell them where we are i said ok i called the cops and waited with my sister and before they got here the car blows up and i faint guess the cops found us because when i woke up i was laying in a bed next to AIKO and then i realized that my mom and dad died i started crying and then AIKO woke up she said whats wrong i said noting and hugged her and she said where are we and i told her we are in the hospital and we been in a accident but we are ok now next thing a lady walks in and says Hello my name is Anna and I need to tell you some thing important you parents left in the will for some one to tell you the truth that you were adopted when you were a baby what I am adopted so what you mean is I have another mother and father not only that but they said that when they got you they were told that your other parent's left you with this it a a snowflake necklaces the people said if your parents ever look for you ask the what they left you and if they answer correctly then they are your real parents 

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