Life after fame


2. on tour again for the last time

Nialls pov

Asami Ellie let's go me and Bailey are ready " I called up the stairs "sorry dad " ellie said tripping on her shoe lace " careful" I shouted back up .

~5 minuets later~😂

"Dad where are we going exactly ?" Asami asked " on tour and your going to meet your cousins" " cousins ? What cousins ?" Bailey said tapping away on his phone "Louis , Harry , zayn and Liam's children " I said waiting for asami to make a smart remark " oh okay" asami muttered

Stacey's pov

" Edward stop it " I shouted causing Darcy to wake up " can you both shut up I'm trying to sleep before the other brats get here " DARCY STYLES DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR COUSINS LIKE THAT " dad shouted "Jesus sorry "

Sorry for the short chapter guys I'm just really tired had a hard school day today and I have loads of home work should upload more soon

~niallerspizzaslice 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

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