Rudy's Story- I believe in you

Rudy's story. He went through hell and never gave up, so in the end he got what he'd always wished for: freedom,hope,happiness.
No matter what you're going through, whether it's big or small; there's always a way through. Sometimes people feel down,depressed and low, but there's always a reason to hold on, and once you find that reason, you can get through, I promise, no matter what. And if you're struggling to find a reason to hold on, if you think that no ones understands or cares, just remember this: I love you, You can do it, you can do anything you put my mind to. Life is a beautiful thing, and once you've come through the storm you'll be rewarded with the sunshine and the rainbow. I believe in you ♥


1. Rudy

His name’s Rudy. He has friends, a loving family, and loads of pretty girls are after him. He’s popular. But he doesn’t feel it. Chances are, if you think you know Rudy, you really don’t. No one does. It’s hard for someone to know you when you don’t even know yourself. Anyone would look at him and think ‘he’s the boy with the perfect life, perfect mates and always got girls after him’. He’s not cocky or stuck up or arrogant. He’s sweet and happy and outgoing. At least that’s what he tries to be. But once he’s alone the disguise comes off and beneath it all: he’s a wreck. No one would ever know. No one does know.  He’s become so good at hiding it. He never lets anything slip. So no one ever finds out about the thoughts going through his head or the feelings that have become so familiar to him. A few years ago he’d never have guessed that he’d be the person he is now. He doesn’t even know who he is, he’s too busy hiding the demons that lurk inside him. Hiding the fears and the tears that come uncontrollably at night. He gets angry, frustrated at himself. He hates himself. He cuts himself. The marks get worse and worse each time. The blade digs a little deeper; the match stays lit against his skin a little longer.  He’s only 16. But the experiences he’s been through and the feelings he’s felt; no one deserves them.  He’s so scared and afraid. He’d never come out and tell someone, because it’s impossible to explain something when you don’t even understand it yourself. It’s only at night when he’s alone that the thoughts haunt him and the fears get too much for him. He just pulls out the blade and it’s the only thing that can get him through it. The only thing that can make it better. But it doesn’t last. Because soon enough he’d be doing it again and again, and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself; or control himself. There’s only one other thing that can cover the pain; his music. He writes songs, that no one else has ever heard. He writes about his fears, his feelings and the haunting thoughts. He writes about the loneliness and the sadness that comes with it. He writes about the darkness that he sees whenever he tries to open his mind, hoping to see a glimpse of some hope or light. He sings the songs and plays guitar and for a while the pain goes away. He escapes reality and falls into the music, because that’s what music does: it pulls you in, and when the music hits you feel no pain, just pleasure. From the sound, from the words that you can relate to. The words that you can create yourself.  He expresses himself through his music. Just the feeling of writing down what’s on his mind is like letting a balloon go, so it just flies above you, free in the air, until it gets further and further away and then you can’t see it anymore. Rudy stopped cutting. He wrote more music, because after all, music is the best therapy. Quitting the self harming was a struggle, that had its ups and downs, but it was worth it. Now Rudy still expresses himself through songs, and music’s made him stronger, made him see hope and a light through the dark.  But he did it, and so can you. If you’re feeling low, or sad; don’t harm yourself. Get lost in music, paint beautiful art, do something that you love. And most importantly; stay strong, because you can get through anything, no matter how hard and tough it seems. Because stars shine through darkness and a rainbow comes after every storm. Don’t give up, you’re strong.  I believe in you<3

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