Fight and Stand (For the Competition)

Kate's best friend Louis is brave, he's smart and he cares about other people and himself. But his one act of courage has made him the target of two horrendous bullies, can Kate help him fight away the demons that shroud him? The words they throw at him to make him crumble as they kick him, punch him and spit at him? Can Kate help him fight and stand?


1. Dirty Alleys


I felt my throat constrict at the sight before me, my heart jumped ever so slightly as he pulled his hands back, I watched as they took on the form of a fist and fast as lighting went smashing into the side of his face. I heard the sickening crunch that filled the small alleyway and watched with horror at the impact of his hit. Louis fell to the floor clutching his nose, crimson red blood seeping out from between the cracks of his finger tips and dripping to the ground. I watched as the blood mingled with the dirty puddles of water from our previous down pour, my stomach began to twist uncomfortably as bile rose to my throat.

Jimmy and Edward turned and faced each other; their hoods were covering their faces so I could only assume that they were smirking the way they did each time they had caused someone to fall to their knees in pain, each time they made tears fall from a young boys face or had a pretty girl attack them messily in a pathetic attempt to save someone, someone they knew that the girl couldn't possibly save. They were proud of themselves. Proud that they had proven once again that they were stronger than some of the weakest guys in Wolf Grove High, it was like a hobby for them. It was sickening, how could they do something like that? Do they not feel sick when they go home, put on a saccharine smile for their mothers and race towards the bathroom sinks to wash away the drying blood on their hands, their arms… their legs?

I know I would. I guess that's the different between them and us.

They stayed behind a total of three more minutes; they mocked him, laughing as they would, none too gently, nudge him in the stomach with the toes of their Nike trainers. Edward spat twice on the spot beside where Louis sat, I watched with tears in my eyes as he scooted farther away with each spit, each grueling sound that escaped the lips of either of the boys. It was enough now, they’d had their fun and the ground Louis sat cradling his nose and clutching his stomach was dirty, cold and wet. I couldn't let my friend suffer like that.

There wasn’t much that I could use to alert their attention, to make them shy away, but it was okay because I didn’t need to. Timothy Green and his group of loud, popular friends walked past me, not even noticing me crouched behind the collection of metal bins. Their voices alerted the bully's and within moments they were gone, running down the opposite side of the alleyway.

I didn’t even pause to make sure that the two had left; I was fueled with my need to make sure that Louis was okay even though he clearly wasn’t, powered with my need to coddle my best friend. I stopped short at his feet, crouching down so that I was eye level with him. “Lean your head back,” my voice was no louder than a whisper as I touch his forehead with the tips of my fingers. The fringes of his blonde hair became a matted mess as he brushed it out of his eyes, his blood coated fingers painting his hair. “Louis…” I trailed off, what more could I say? This guy was my best friend since I was five, he’s like my brother and now here he stays on the cold, filthy ground where no doubt hundreds of rats have peed and for what?

Because one day, he decided he wanted to stand up to the two guys that small people cower at the sight of. He was brave and he’s punished for that? “Let’s get you home.” I told him, because that's all that I could have said in that moment in time.

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