Severus Weasley and Merlin's Ring

It's been nineteen years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Now Anna Weasley, (nee Black,)'s son is now going to Hogwarts. Her older sons Fred and Sirius Weasley have already been through a year and are going back to their second year along with James Potter. Those boys are troublemakers. Now her son Severus is going and she's worried.
Severus and Albus Potter are going to have a fun and scary year ahead of them. (In Severus's point of view.)


1. Hogwarts Express

  Albus Potter and Severus Weasley followed their older brothers into a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Albus looked exactly like his father, Harry Potter. Severus had red hair but you could see bits of black in it. He had Anna Black's, his mother's, blue eyes. James Potter, Fred and Sirius Weasley looked at their younger brothers. They hardly wanted their brothers bothering them and besides the compartment was already filled with other people. Rose Weasley, Severus's cousin, had her face inches away from a book to avoid eye contact. Everyone in the compartment looked at them.

  Severus opened his mouth to say something but Albus tugged on his arm and led him out of the compartment to find another one. Their older brothers were always excluding Severus and Albus. The compartments and halls were packed and hard to navigate. Finally the two boys found an empty compartment near the end of the train. Albus put his owl up onto the luggage racks and sat down. She was a small barn owl but his dad said she'll grow to be a big owl. Mum had asked Severus what he wanted and he had replied that he really didn't want a pet. Owls were to messy, in his opinion and besides he could borrow his brother's owl.

  “So Sev, what house do you think you’ll be in?” Albus asked the grim faced Severus.

  “Well, Mum’s whole side is Slytherin except for her who you know was in Gryffindor... Dad's all Gryffindor. I’ll be happy if I'm in anything but Slytherin,” Severus said concern showing in his eyes. He did not want to be in Slytherin.

  “I’ll be happy if I’m in Gryffindor.” Albus muttered back.

  “How’s your little sister?” Severus asked thinking about Lily who always nagged them to play with her. His sister Jenn, played with Lily but only when his older brothers told her to find something to do. Lily and Jenn liked each other but they much rather be with their older brothers. 

  “Impatient, yours?" Albus answered.

  “Follows Fred and Sirius around like a dog with a cat in their arms.” Severus finished. They started talking about Quidditch when they were interrupted by the door sliding open. A boy with pale blonde hair that stuck to his head matching his skin stood there looking at the empty seats. He blushed a little and was about to turn away when Albus said:

  “You can sit here." The boy came in and sat down next to Severus.

  “What’s your name?” Severus asked

  “Scorpius Malfoy” The boy replied, sneering a little,, "you?"

  “I’m Albus Potter and this is Severus Weasley,” Albus said.

  “Nice to meet both of you,” He said as he stuck out his hand a little hesitantly.

  Severus shook it first and then Albus did. Scorpius's hand was sweaty. He must've been nervous to ask about sitting here. Severus wondered why. Severus fought the erge to wipe his hand on his Weasley sweater his grandma made. It was coloured like his hair but had a big 'S' on it.

 They talked to Scorpius and found out they all had something in common. That was great because there had been a long silence until Albus spoke making them jump.  They began talking about things they collected, Severus loved old nick-nacks, Albus loved rocks, and Scorpius loved collecting anything. Suddenly Rose entered the compartment.

  “Al, James wants you," She said stubbornly. Albus crossed his arms and glared at Rose.

  “Tell him I’m not coming,” Albus sneered. Albus caught Severus's eye.

  “Fine, don’t get money for the trolley.” She said and left. Albus frowned.

  “I wouldn’t they might sneak something in there.” Severus said quickly remembering all his nose bleeds, fainting, and many more. He also could see Dad’s furious face and Mum yelling at them.

  “Who’s they?” Scorpius asked curiously.

  “My brothers, Fred and Sirius,” Severus answered bitterly but added to Albus, “Anyways we can use some of my money.”


When the trolley finally appeared at their compartment door the three of them brought Chocolate Frogs. Severus got Ron Weasley, Albus got Harry Potter which he thought was quite funny  because he was his dad, and Scorpius got Merlin. The compartment opened and a girl with aqua blue hair and hazel eyes tumbled in. She was breathing hard but managed to climb up to where the owl sit. At first Severus didn't know how to act. Then two boys looking like gargoyles came in. Both grunted and left. A sigh was heard after they left. The girl got down and smiled.

  "Thank you so much for not saying anything. I kindof upset. Names Isabella Cummings." Severus was reminded of their cousin Teddy Lupin who could change his hair.

  "Why is your hair like that?" Severus asked. She shrugged.

  "You can sit here." Albus said pointing to the seat. She agreed and they began talking again. Isabella was really funny and she had told them she was a half-blood. Scorpius was a great guy coming from a line of purebloods he hated the thought of it but was amazed that they were all pureblood.

  "Cool," Severus said after they had told each other what blood status they were.

  "Yeah, mum gave dad such a surprise on their wedding day," Isabella chuckled.

  After more exchanging information and many efferts of trying to not laugh, they went to change into their black Hogwarts robes. Albus being Albus,he started to complain that he was starving.


Soon the train pulled to a stop at Hogsmeade Station and all the students stepped out into the cold.

  “Firs’ years, firs' years, over here. Firs’ years!” A giant of a man with bushy black hair and and had hands the size of dustbin lids shouted over the chatter of the croud. He was also carrying a lantern that was bright enough to show the way for the first years. He was smiling as everyone followed him to boats. The man looked at Albus. He smiled.


“All right there, Albus?” He asked and Albus nodded.

  “Is that…” Scorpius started

  “Hagrid” Albus interrupted

  “Professor Hagrid” Isabella exclaimed.

Severus remembered his Dad telling him about how Hagrid got really mad at them for doing something. When all the first years had gathered up Hagrid led them all to the bank of a lake where several little boats were bobbing about on the water.

"Four to a boat," Hagrid told them. Severus, Albus, Scorpius and Isabella chosed the closest boat and clambeered into it.

  “Everyone in?” Hagrid shouted, “FORWARD.” The boat lurched and they started forward. Severus looked at the water and touched it. It was as cold as ice and as smooth as newly sanded wood. He gasped at the water reflecting a huge castle. Looking up he saw the brightly lit Hogwarts. Isabella squealed in delight.

  “Heads down” Hagrid yelled and Severus ducked just in time as they reached the cliff. He had been to busy looking at the castle. They were in some underground tunnel.

  “This has to be under the castle!” Severus whispered to them. Isabella gasped, Albus's eyes widened and Scorpius looked up.


 They docked and clambered out of the boat. Hagrid led them up the front steps of the Hogwarts castle to the large oak doors. He knocked on them three times. They opened to reveal a smiling man in magenta robes. This man had brown hair that was in a ponytail and brown eyes that seemed to pick out Severus immediately in the crowd of first years. He stared at Severus, long and hard. Severus stared back not wanting to blink. He finally looked away and looked at Hagrid instead.

  “Everything in order?” the man asked Hagrid.

  “Yes, Professor Hollen.” Hagrid answered and his smile widened.

  “Brilliant, follow me.” Professor Hollen opened the doors wider and Severus now got to see the site of the large entrance hall.


  Professor Hollen led them into the entrance hall which seemed even bigger once inside, Severus most likely could fit his house in it. Severus could hear voices in the door to his right. He almost stopped but Albus pulled on his robes and he reluctantly kept walking. They entered an empty chamber and waited.

  “I think I don’t want him being my teacher.” Severus whispered to Albus who chuckled.

  “Welcome to Hogwarts. It will be a pleasure to teach all of you. Right now, everyone is waiting to see you sorted into your Houses. Those Houses will be like your new family! Brilliant, right? At Hogwarts you can win House points for everything you do brilliantly and points will be lost if you are a rule breaker. The greatest feeling you can ever feel is winning the House Cup! That is awarded for the house with the most points at the end of the year. Now the Houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Why don’t we all look are best and I will be back in two seconds.”

  With a spring in his step he left. Albus tapped Severus on the shoulder. He looked at him and Albus pointed to a painting in the room. The person in the portrait scratched its nose. Severus didn't get a chance to read the name because Professor Hollen entered.

  “Alrighty, first years follow me.” They followed him into a giant hall. There was hundreds of candles floating in the air. The older students looked at them as they entered the Great Hall. Severus looked up at the ceiling and saw many stars. He ran into the person in front of him and she scowled at him. Severus gulped and looked at the staff table. He didn’t like how everyone was looking at them. So he looked at the Sorting Hat. Mum told him about the hat. She called it an old bat.


  Smiling, Severus turned around and looked for his brothers. He waved at them after finding them and James laughed. Fred shook his head and Sirius looked away. Severus didn't hear the song. He was too busy looking around. He finally looked at the Headmistress. She wore emerald green robes and a small smile.They started calling names.

Then suddenly questions started to race around his head. Where would the hat put him? What if he made no friends? What if all the teachers were mean to him? What if Albus didn't want to be his friend anymore? What if he wasn't a wizard after all? Would Mum take him home?

  “Cummings, Isabella,” Professor Hollen shouted. Isabella slowly went up to the stool. She flicked her hair over her shoulders and sat very straight on the chair. The hat paused then shouted:

  “GRYFFINDOR!” Isabella smiled and walked to the table with the loudest cheering students. Severus and Albus clapped for her.In a blink of an eye they were already at M’s. Albus looked pale.

  “Malfoy, Scorpius.” He stood really tall and walked toward the stool. The hat touched his head and yelled

  “SLYTHERIN!” Albus went even paler.

  “It’s gonna be fine,” Severus ensured Albus,, “It doesn’t matter… what house you're going to be in, does it?”

  “Potter, Albus.” The hall went silent.

  “We’ll still be friends,” He ensured again and gave Albus a shove. Albus stumbled to the stool and sat down, nervously.


 Severus could hear James clapping and yelling and Albus sat down next to Isabella smiling with relief.

  “Weasley, Rose.” That meant he was next. Severus felt like a bucket of ice water fell on him which  had happened before.The hat screamed

  “RAVENCLAW” on which the Ravenclaw table cheered.

  “Weasley, Severus.” Severus walked up to the stool. He was shaking and almost tripped. He sat down and bit  his lip nervously. The last thing he saw before the hat had slid over his eyes was Fred and Sirius standing up.

  “Well, well, well. Another Weasley. Anna Black is your mother? Yes I remember her. Ah, you don’t fit Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaw like your cousin. Slytherin will do you no good so that leaves….GRYFFINDOR!” The hat said the last word out loud for the whole hall to hear. Fred and Sirius clapped the loudest.


  Severus went and sat across from Albus, finally the last person was sorted and Headmistress McGonagall stood up. Severus's Mum had her over for dinner once.

  “Before I send you words of caution this year let us eat.” She sat down and the tables filled with food. Severus quickly took food and put it on his plate before everything he liked was taken. Roast beef, boiled potatoes, spaghetti, roast vegetables, salads and chicken drum sticks all found their way to Severus's plate.  Severus soon finished his plate and looked up at the staff table. All the teachers were all talking amongst themselves.

  “The big bellied man is Professor Slughorn, head of Slytherin and Potions teacher. He’s talking to Professor Flitwick who teaches Charms; head of Ravenclaw. Next to him is Professor Longbottom, head of Gryffindor and the Herbology teacher. He’s talking to the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Jerkins. Watch out for her.” Fred explained.

  Severus looked at Professor Jerkins. She had blonde hair that was tied into a tight ponytail and blue eyes that scanned the room.Finally dinner and desert was finished and Professor McGonagall stood up.

  “Welcome, now that we are all fed, I have announcements. The forest on the grounds is strictly off limits to every student here. Mr. Filch has reminded me to remind you that all Weasley products,” Fred gave a whoop, “is forbidden", Sirius moaned loudly, "and there should be no magic between classes.” She looked at James and Sirius sternly.They got into trouble for doing magic last year, Severus thought.

 “Anyone interested in playing Quidditch for their houses should contact Madame Hooch. Tryouts are held in the second week of term. Now Prefects please show the first years to their dormitories and I bid you a good night sleep.” Everyone got up and followed their prefects out of the Hall. Severus laughed at Albus’s joke as they reached the portrait. They entered the common room.

  “Wait! What was the password?” Severus whispered to Albus. Albus shrugged.

  “It was dim wits” Fred said popping up beside Severus. He leaned on his shoulder.

  “No, if I heard correctly it was Snivelly..” Sirius said pushing Albus out of the way and leaning on Severus's other shoulder, “Look at that they know your name!”

  “It was Fairy Lights” Isabella said behind them as the twins laughed and disappeared. Severus like Fred better than Sirius. He was nicer.

  “Imagine just having Sirius, than you know how I feel” Albus muttered. The boys said goodnight to Isabella and walked upstairs to their dormitory.

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