Severus Weasley and Merlin's Ring

It's been nineteen years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Now Anna Weasley, (nee Black,)'s son is now going to Hogwarts. Her older sons Fred and Sirius Weasley have already been through a year and are going back to their second year along with James Potter. Those boys are troublemakers. Now her son Severus is going and she's worried.
Severus and Albus Potter are going to have a fun and scary year ahead of them. (In Severus's point of view.)


3. Fight

  Severus found out you could hate someone more than Fred and Sirius. Jeffery Parkinson, son of Pansy Parkinson, was crueler than them. He would trip Severus, make rube comments about Isabella’s hair, and knock Albus over. Severus had already lost fifteen points because of him. He was glad it was Saturday.

  Albus, Isabella, and Severus sat in the library doing homework when an owl tapped on the window. Albus quickly opened it and took the letter.

  “Hagrid wants us to visit,” Albus told Severus and Isabella.

  “Well I’m almost done. After we visit we can come back to finish,” Isabella said with a shrug.

  “That’s fine with me,” Severus replied. He added a tittle over his ‘I’ and placed the paper in his book. After packing up they headed towards Hagrid's cabin.

  “So you’re almost done?” questioned Albus.

  “Yes Al, I am,” Isabella said. Her voice was full of pride but her cheeks turned slightly red.

  “I’m halfway,” Severus chimed in taking out his potion book.

  “I haven’t even started.” Albus said gloomily. He looked at the other two pleadingly.

  “No you’re not going to copy, Al!” She cried. Albus went red.

  “I can help you with it but not do it, Al,” offered Severus smiling at his friend. Severus turned to a random page and saw his messy writing.

  “By the end of the year, Sev, you’re going to know every potion by heart,” Isabella joked peering at his potions book. Albus laughed

  “Isa, I bet Sev already knows it by heart,” Albus joked back.

  “Well Al, I wouldn’t say all of it,” Severus said turning slightly red. They laughed and arrived at Hagrid’s cabin. Albus knocked and Hagrid opened the door. They all went in and Severus placed his book back in his bag.

  “How’s Saturday treating you Hagrid?” Isabella asked sitting down at the big round table. Severus sat next to her placing his bag next to him which was out of reach for the drooling Fang. Albus sat on the other side already getting himself tea.

  “Fine, so how has your firs’ week been?” Hagrid said pouring some tea in large bucket sized mugs for the rest of them.

  “Good except I lost fifteen points already!” sighed Severus looking at the tea.

  “How did you manage that? I heard you were the better one from your mum.”

  “Jeffery Parkinson” Albus said taking an offered  rock cake.


  “He is a Slytherin boy. He’s very rude,” Isabella said for Severus.

  “What did you do?” Hagrid asked Severus who looked at the wooden floor.

  “Jeffery called Isabella a name and shoved me against a wall. Sev here turned around and punched him in his nose.” Albus explained hatred starting to boil inside him.

  “Giving him a nosebleed. Professor Hollen only saw Sev punch him in the nose,” Isabella continued.

  “Which was unfair. He only took ten away from me,” said Severus in defense.

  “Sev then yelled at him about how unfair he was being and started to tell him what really happened. Professor Hollen was upset and took five more away.” Albus said.

  “We’re not attacking you Sev” Isabella whispered.

  “He didn’,” Hagrid said at last. They all nodded. “Tha’s horrible!”

  “He’s even the Head of our house!” Albus said sticking his cake in his tea.

  “Albus your dad’s coming to the Quidditch match to watch your brother,” said Hagrid who thought it was a good idea to change the topic. James was a Seeker on the Gryffindor team. Fred and Sirius got Severus's Dad’s old spot on the team as Beaters.

  “Next year I’m trying out for Chaser,” Albus said smiling.

  “The best part is that he’s coming to give some speech about Dark Arts the day before the actual match,” Hagrid continued.

  “When was the last time you saw Al’s dad?” Isabella asked curiously.

  “Er….last year I think. To talk about the Dark Arts again.” Hagrid said scratching his chin.

  “I can’t wait to meet your dad, Al,” Isabella said.

  “I see him every Christmas. Looks a lot like Al,” Severus said, trying to dodge a kick from Albus but being the unlucky person he was at the moment, he recieved a sharp kick to the shins.

  "Ouch!" Severus yelled as tears swelled up in his eyes.

  “There, there," soothed Hagrid as he patted Severus on the back, "won' kill yeh. Anyway yeh remind me of him. Great man, Your dad’s a great man.” Albus turned red and Severus covered up his laugh as a cough. Isabella looked excited.

  “I’m surprised you don’t have a lot of friends like James. Being famous...” Isabella teased.

  “Famous for what?” Albus said. Isabella turned red. Severus felt like he broke a rib from trying not to laugh. After talking some more and saying goodbye the trio headed back to the castle.

  “We have a couple hours before dinner,” Isabella said. Severus already had his nose in his potion book.
  “Good I need it!” Albus said.

Isabella tugged on Severus’s robe and moved him before he ran into a wall. Severus trusted Isabella to make sure he didn't run into a wall.

  “Hey Slimeballs!” Severus stopped in his tracks and tensed up.

  “Keep walking,” Isabella muttered trying to pull Severus forwards, but with no avail. "Just ignore him.".

 Albus had also tensed up. He gave Severus a push. Severus didn’t move.

  “You finally learned your name!” Jeffery Parkinson sneered.

Severus didn’t move. Albus turned around and Isabella went around and grabbed his arm. Albus hadn’t moved, but he knew it was for caution.

  “Nose is in a book still? I’m surprise you trust a blue head. Oh wait, blue isn’t a natrual hair color. What did you do freeze to death, in your freezer? Wait, you live in a freezer don't you? That explains it, you're so poor you can't even get a house.”

  Severus dropped his book and turned around. Isabella reached for Severus’s robes but he was too far away. Jeffery was a well built kid. He had black hair and blue eyes. His hair was slicked back. He was a foot taller than Severus.

  “Why don’t you slither back into the hole which you came from?” Severus snarled.

  “No, it’s too much fun playing out here,” Parkinson cackled.

  “You’re messing with a lion, snake,” Severus said quietly with gritted teeth, hatred visible in his blue eyes. With another step he would be in Parkinson's face.

  “I thought you were a weasel?” Jeffery hissed back.

  “I can ask my Dad for some samples….watch your drink and food from now on, I might just drop something in there.”

  “You threatening me?”

 Little did Severus and Jeffery saw that a crowd had started to form around the fight. James, Sirius and Fred were all shocked watching Severus. James’s friends were taking bets. Rose and her friends had appeared. Jeffery’s friends and older friends had appeared.

  “Yes,” hissed Severus so quietly that only Parkinson heard what he had said.

 He jumped sideways as Parkinson lunged at him. Parkinson landed two feet away from Severus and threw a punch which Severus blocked. His reflexes were all thanks to his older brothers. Parkinson punched and punched but he only got air.

  “Out of my way!” Yelled a voice.

 Severus looked away and Parkinson took his chance. He ran like a rhino and slammed Severus into a wall. Fred was being held back by Sirius who was concerned.

 Before Severus could block Jeffery’s fist, it had slammed into his cheek repeatedly. Severus could barely see the feet of the students around him. He couldn’t move and he felt hands around his neck. Severus found some strength left and slammed Parkinson aside. Severus could taste blood.

 Fred ran over to his brother followed by Sirius. There were shouts and yells of complaint. Severus didn’t know what it was about. Fred had already picked Severus up. He could tell it was Fred because Sirius would never do such a thing. 

 Severus closed his eyes. Sirius however picked up Severus’s now trampled on book and put it in Severus’s bag. He followed his brother.

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